Past Tense of Knitting Is 'knat' ? :)

sorry, couldn't resist the title.. :)  I have been knitting for 30 yrs.. First item I made was a sweater for my ex.  His mother knitted(knat) such things as the fairIsle designs and I was amazed.. Figured I could learn to knit by doing it.  So picked out a patten, No clue it was rated by experience.. bought all the materials and sat down to figure out what to do.  6 weeks later I had successfully (not sure if I did all correct) completed a turtleneck sweater made from mohair.. My ex loved it.. fit him perfectly, I was very happy to say the least.. My Mothern' law smiled and said it was very nice.. Years later I patted myself on the back when I realized I had chosen one of the hardest patterns and yarns to work with.. Just goes to show us.. that we can do whatever we put our minds to:)
I still knit and love the Fair Isle designs, I also have a knitting machine which I find to be a very helpful instrument since my hands are not as nimble as they used to be.
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I also love machine knitting

You're my hero :) I've never even attempted socks.. Now I'm gonna give them a whirl~! :) Thanks

It is true that determination is much better than experience in some cases. I am glad that I knit my first sock before I learned that many knitters were afraid of them.