I Am a Reject When It Comes to Knitting...

Self-taught, self-motivated, self-personal (??? that didn't make sense). I stink, basically. I can only knit, I can't purl, and I have been working on the same scarf (a scarf!) for two years now. And yes, it is my very first project. How embarrassing... It doesn't help considering I'm using size 7 needles and simple, ugly, un-inspiring yarn. How can I motivate myself? I have tried to knit at sporting events and on the bus or with my friends, but I usually just get heckled. Then again, who cares? They are jealous because they can't knit... Haha. Right...
EmKat EmKat
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 27, 2007

There are several project done in the round that require only the knit stitch. Purling is a rather confusing issue, I had no idea how to purl, figured out how to produce a fabric, realized that I did it differently than most, then found out the style I most comfortably knit. KnittingHelp.com is a fantastic resource when it comes to learning. That, and abandoning the scarf you hate. There are few knitters I know that have only one project going at a time, especially a garter stitch scarf. You learned how to knit, abandon the scarf you hate and pick up some yarn you love and make a hat, much quicker to knit! And remember, when heckled about knitting, you are the one with pointy sticks.

I'm a reject on this too! And crochetting! But that's because right handed people have tried to teach this South Paw... and forget the self-teaching books! Apparently, I can't follow directions or diagrams! My hubby has a saying for people that can't get something," Do you want me to paint you a picture??!!" I want to scream back," NO! Just finish this d*** potholder for me!"