The Sublime Stigmata of Male Knitting

I learned how to knit about 2 years ago and it just stuck with me. maybe it was the catharsis of knitting or maybe it was the creative and low-level mental stimulation it provided. regardless i knit. and i'm a boy.

im a 20 year old male collegiate knitter. i never saw this happening as a child. most guys my age are out partying and drinking excessively; i'd rather stay home, watch tv, cook something tasty, and knit.

i knit in public and the reactions i get are pretty consistent. males don't talk to me or make eye contact (because this indicates approval of an activity that is not "manly"?...). most girls don't notice but when they do it is always the really cute, shy type or the trendy indie hipster girls that ask me about it, or tell me about someone they know who knits, or even actually applaud me for not being afraid to knit (why, i don't know; its not exactly scary). its a shame i'm not into chicks, or i would have a new cute little indie chick girlfriend when ever i wanted (i imagine lol). i guess it attracts attention, but i guess you run the risk of attracting attention doing anything in public.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

My little brother knits. But yeah, I get the same reaction. I have huge daemon wings tattooed on my back, and I knit baby blankets. People will see me and go "wow, not too often you see that!"... why not? Just because I have tattoos, doesnt mean I cant be crafty! Just because I am crafty doesnt mean I cant be "cool" (the fact that I am a geek and a hippy mean I cant be "cool" but that is beside the point).<br />
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Be proud! Be an anathema! "squeek the normals" and their ideas of what we should be!

I think that is awesome. I have never seen a man knitting. EVER