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I knit ;-) though nothing too complex. I find that I have too many people to make scarves and blankies for so far :-D I started knitting a few years ago, but I'm self taught so the complex stuff makes me twitch a little bit. I'm still really a beginner. My husband bought me a magazine once and OH MY GOODNESS... the patterns in there are way more complicated than the few i've bought off the shelf with my yarn. The patterns keep me doing something new every time though and that's awesome.

I DO want to learn how to do sox though and i am thinking about buying the magic circle book, it looks super cool.

I DID make a bedroll (which is just a REALLY long blankie i stitched together.. i am buying a foam mattress pad to stuff it with so i can wash it whenever i want.

I just recently started taking pictures of my complete projects.


Tynan's Scarf

My shawl (My first pattern WHOOT!) You are supposed to put fringes on it but 1. i dont like the fringes and 2. you are supposed to frame it with crochet and i dont know how... Baby says its as soft as she is ;-)

Full sized blankie (fits on a full bed)

hehe thanx for letting me show off a bit

Right now i'm working on a scrap blankie, a red and green shawl for my mommy. I've also got a lap blankie for me in the works that i cant find the right yellow for so its paused until i can get to a town with a Hobby lobby to find colors. I ALWAYS have 2 projects running because sometimes i get tired of looking at the colors from one project.. (does that happen to anybody else??) I'm really wanting to get one of my patterns done because i found this cute baby "snuggler" that has a bunny head on the top and then is just a blankie other wise. I just discovered that the Lion yarn homepage has MANY free patterns, you have to register to see them, but there's lots of cools stuff written int he pattern language i understand.


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I could never figure out Crochet... boy did i try though, i found knitting to be much easier. There are GREAT instructional books available now, and a lot of craft stores teach classes.

I would love to learn how to knit.. I used to crochet a long time ago and have completely forgotten how to do that as well.. Maybe one day I will learn again. By the way your items are great....

The blanket only took me 4 months actually. I was trying for a much shorter deadline and was knitting like 8 hours a day for a while. <br><br />
<br><br />
I don't mind normal patterns (where it tells you what to do on row 1, row 2 etc) but the ones in the magazine were like a graph with lines and slashes and 0's in them and woooow.<br><br />
<br><br />
For the most part i didnt find being self taught hard (the original way i learned to cast on was Ebul) except i couldnt figure out how to get the loops on the second needle but i figured it out in a week or so. Mostly books have been very useful to me ;-) is a great website for knitters and has lots of free patterns. OMG that blanket is huge. Did that take you forever to complete? The patterns only look complicated because it is a new language. I find that some of the stuff is easier than learning the basic stitches was. There are some great videos on youtube for ever knitting acronym you will find in a pattern.