Just Started

I just learned how to knit about 3 weeks ago.  While I'm not very good and do get frustrated with it sometimes (mostly because it's not perfect), I love it so much and I'm really glad that I decided to learn.

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Ahh we have a new convert! Welcome! I learned how to knit when I was 7, picked it up again at 15. Now at 23 I am knitting baby blankets, hats, gloves and scarves. It is sooooo addicting! And the best part is, once you learn, there are so many things you can try! Circular needles, cables, felting, different yarns, double pointed needles. My favorite part about knitting, now I can sit in front of the TV and not feel guilty because my hands are busy. <br />
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One zen thing about knitting, if it is perfect, no one will know its hand made, and if it is imperfect, people dont notice, but they feel it in their hearts as love.

Hahaha...I did too, till my sister yelled at me and told me I would never finish it that way. She is right, I wouldn't have.

I ripped out my first scarf like a million times i swear..`

I have a hard time fixing my mistakes too. I'm always dropping stitches and have a hard time picking them back up. I have to force myself to keep going instead of taking the whole thing out and starting over.

I knit like a ZILLION scarves at first *LOL* Then i moved on to blankets.. i haven't done much else but i've got a lot better at fixing my mistakes... just takes time..<br />
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i love knitting- but i rarely get it perfect

Right now I'm just knitting a scarf. I hope to start knitting other things. I was thinking about making a little purse and sewing in fabric as the lining. I'm really starting to enjoy it so much. It is so relaxing and keeps my mind off of other things for a while.

I used to knit years ago and I went online in order to get an idea of how to get started again. I really enjoy knitting and crochet too and used to make really nice things for my family and friends as gifts and what not. I also introduced my teenaged daughter to the art also. You have motivated me to go out and get my needles and yarn today!!!