Does He Have A Crush On Me?

Relationships are complex. It is difficult to know when a person is in love with you, when he just needs to have a sexual relationship or when his gestures would simply mean friendship. The most difficult of this is to know when a guy has a crush on you. As a crush could be misinterpret as a casual friendship if undermined or could be understood as love if over-estimated. However, there are ways to find out eliminating our presumptions around it.


  1. By paying attention to the guy’s stance you would get to know if he has a crush on you or not. The science behind it is that the guys lean towards a person to whom they are listening to. If the guy is paying attention, defiantly he is interested in you. Secondly, notice that most of the time he would like to stand to your right as that would make them look taller , to make a statement. This behavior is noting but to show the macho facet of his to impress the girl.


  1. While talking to the guy, look into his eye. Do not pay much attention to what he is saying be more concerned about the emotions that are floating in his eyes while he is talking to you. If you are not in a situation where both of you are in a conversation, then observe him from a distance. Observe how often he looks at you, is he starring or is he just admiring you with his look. Depending upon what the eyes says you could clearly distinguish lust from crush or even a deeper feeling than that.


  1. Very importantly, see if the behavior change. Guys are usually careless and do not pay attention. For example, on a joke they could give a monstrous laugh. But when they have to impress some one, they would like to keep it low. Notice the difference between how he behaves when he thinks that you are not around and when you are. If the guy has a crush on you would see a difference in the courtesy & chivalry level of a guy that would be high when you would be around. Guys would be at their best behavior when they have to impress the girl they have a crush on. So look out for such small changes. Some guys when have a crush on you could nervous when you could be around. This could also be a sign that can’t be ignored to weigh if the guy is in love with you.


  1. He could be giving you hints that you need to see and pick, indicating that he wants to be round. If you bumping into him in the canteen, on the road, at the library, at the park – you should know it is not a coincidence, this is a deliberate effort by the guy who has a crush on you. Another important thing, see if he changes his likes and dislikes as what yours are. To the extent that he would control and get into the swing of your mood at a given time, clearly means the guy has a crush on you.


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3 Responses May 4, 2010

If this is true then he does have a crush on me!

Yes, he did that and more. I was 100 percent that he has stronger feelings for me until I asked him. He denied it and now i feel being lead on. I know no one can fake a crush to such extent and only God knows his reason for denial but here I am dealing with feelings that he instigated in me.

theres this guy in my class his name is adam and i really like him and we are like friends and he always make me luagh and he teases me in an good way and he like ambushe only ME with snowball and i think he really likes me back but i dont want to ask hi9m out cus before i had crush on him and he found out and i think that i still had feelings left for him and now hes like all i think about and we are like pretty good friends like we hang out and we talk ALOT like i talk to him more than i talk to any other guy and he gets jelous when i talk to his friends and im like laughing he gets all red and he stares at like to stop talking to him and i ALWAYS catch him looking at me and we look at eachother for like no less then 3 seconds. im areally confident person and so my friends trapped me inside a net for a joke and then he came and woudnt let me out and i did many quizez to find out if he likes me and they are all saying he likes me i REALLY like him