yes yes yes i am a fake what a feeble attempt of slander but i do have some appreciation what else could a baby do that still craps her nappies say, i think it is outstanding that you find me that inspireing that you create stories about me aww hunni its not your fault that a t-girl is prettier than you its just i spend more time looking after myself and i certainly do not crap myself i find that your adolecent thoughts are fornicated and you cannot even comprehend looking in a mirror at least i can go out as myself in public and my friends are genuine so ill even send you a packet of nappies and a pacifier so you can sit in the corner,

not every flower can say i love you but a rose can
not every plant survives thirst but a cactus can
not every retard can read but look at DirtyBaby having a go
i don't care if you lick windows or occasionally **** yourself
you hang in there cup cake your f**king special your my m8 look at you aww bless
5tarlight1988 5tarlight1988
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Look at it this way. Someone is spending all of their time worrying about you. You have your own fan club now. : )

I think that if people think someone is "fake" (which is already an absurd accusation... a fake WHAT?) should flag the profile if they feel so strongly about it. Making a group just because you "think" someone is "fake" is totally not right, and it's slander. There already are official ways to deal with an inappropriate profile, so why didn't you use that?

It's a serious charge to make. Just because you can find other pics on google and you assume they are not from the same person, doesn't prove anything about this person. Maybe those people are using her pics! I just believe you should not make some huge public accusation like this about anything... it's not fair, it's slanderous, and making this accusation is in itself inappropriate and against the rules of the site.

i dont think your fake. screw those losers

1/2 people think 5tarlight1988 is awsome, and who ever made this group can change their nappies and go **** them self.

Male, Female, Tranny. (S)he is who (s)he is. There are probably things about you that are not true, or not real. You are who you are. No one is judgeing you, so dont judge. What has this person done to hurt you. If you dont like then do comment or judge. This is a website, where people can say or be who they want to be. Wish more people would learn that if you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything. The world would be a better place if more people did.

People...Stop attacking one another. <br />
<br />
Emyrs is saying that people that 5tarlight1988 is transgender. I guess he is meaning romantic interest. That is not unreasonable.<br />
<br />
However, 5tarlight should not -HAVE- to announce to everyone that she encounters that she was not born female. That will produce unnecessay hatred in too many people. If you do not like what she has done Emyrs, accept it and move on. <br />
<br />
And for everyone attacking Emyrs...He is not being unreasonable at all. He is a guy and he was surprised, and his surprise made him feel decieved...which he was. It's as simple as that, dispite the fact that 5tarlight ment no harm. He may have handled it a bit...loudly...but no one like that feeling. Sooo...can everyone take a breather and show a little empathy for both sides?<br />
<br />
Well.<br />
<br />
I guess that this story was born from frustration, making it only natural to be filled with angry post and accusations. *sigh*

...<br />
<br />
5tarlight1988...<br />
<br />
EVERYONE knows that the REAL you spelled Starlight with a "S" and not a 5!! YOU FAKER!!!<br />
<br />
Lol, jk<br />
<br />
Funny group though...looks like you got a troll fan!

actually it is me just ask sexysedra coz or alasandra my name has always been spelt with a 5 coz thats how i have my registration plate on my car

I was jk with you :P

@Emyrs: You are really a piece of scum, you know that? If she wants to she that she is a female that is her choice. It is the way she feels and you cant tell her different. If you dont wanna add someone then dont, you dont have to leave nasty comments calling people liars. You absolutely disgust me.

That's the longest sentence i've ever read

you are not hurting anyone people in glass houses should not throw stones

I know who you are and have talked about it.....................god get over it........................kiss

right on my dear!

well said gf ;)

she is a nice person , i have spoken to her personally not long after she joined as she wanted to talk <br />
<br />

I think you are a wonderful person are caring, have a big heart, and I gladly call you friend.........

you mean you refuse to clarify to ppl who take you at face value wether your female, male or tran, by saying female?<br />
<br />
sorry supporters, but this place is about upfront declarations with no bullshit, that means googled pics that arent you, and refusal to verify on cam, or unmatching albums<br />
<br />
we hate em

get a wash

Sigh, The pics are from google, you either have integrity,confidence and honesty to not use them as your photos representing your person, or you dont, its as simple as that

starlight is in her final stages of transformation! give her a break she means no harm to you!

Ok thats all fine, your right, ppl are just pissed about fake pictures that are presented as legitimate, thats the only issue here other than that i understand perfectly,and have nothing to say outside of that about it, ohh and that F next to your name, you have to be born a biological woman,to not be lying about that, ok? you dont lie to ppls faces on here about your born gender,regardless of how much of a woman you may be inside, even physically, which means, dont mess with peoples perception of you, they have a right to know, that you are not a woman,who was born from another woman,with a vagina,
if your something,or someone other,declare it,not say the opposite of the truth, theres supposed to be a big T where it says gender

the source,apparently got over her self, me,however,i do not, and i dont like adding ppl who are not clear ,misleading,or untruthful,if your tran, you say your tran,listen you dont have to reply,its been over for a bit now already

Actually, biologically , it does, and tell me, do you go around bullshitting hetero's that you were born physically with a vagina and that which makes a naturally occouring woman, im well aware about the ins and outs of transgender life, do not condemn them at all, i recognize and embrace that, but this is EP and people deserve to be told the truth, you dont pass yourself off as female when your not, in this respect, its just lacking in integrity

i agree!!!!! on everyting you just said. im for the trans and the gays but dont fake youre self. you sir will now be added to my circle.

@Emyrs: *sigh* Logic, dear lady, is something you’ve clearly abandoned; allow me to enlighten you.
Your original comment – She is undergoing the final stages of transitioning, which will make her a legal female, so there is nothing to clarify, she is a female. As I understand it, she hasn’t completely finished, but that doesn’t mean she is not a legitimate female. A work of art in progress doesn’t make that piece an illegitimate piece of art, it’s just in the making, as 5tarlight is a woman in the making. Also, I am assuming “this place” means EP and “we” means all EP users. No one appointed you speaker for all EP users, so do not speak for us all. Not all of us hate people who don’t have themselves posted as their profile pictures.
Your reply post (Nov 29th 9:39am) - You didn’t post the pictures, therefore you cannot assume or have evidence to say that she did in fact take the picture of herself and posted them on her profile. On that note, assuming that the picture is not of one’s self; it’s not a question of integrity, confidence or honesty who the picture is of, it’s a matter of how one wishes to be represented, and is not a breach of any of those qualities to represent yourself as you feel you are to be represented.
Your 3rd post (Nov 29th 3:20pm) – People may be upset that people are posting pictures not of themselves, however, we have established that we cannot say the photo is a "fake". Also, you stated that you have no issue with transgender people, but then immediately attack it afterwards saying “ thats the only issue here other than that i understand perfectly,and have nothing to say outside of that about it, ohh and that F next to your name, you have to be born a biological woman,to not be lying about that, ok? you dont lie to ppls faces on here about your born gender,regardless of how much of a woman you may be inside, even physically.” You clearly state that the matter of issue is whether or not the picture is truly her or not, but then directly go into an attack on male to female transsexuals. This shows nothing but the bigotry that we have to fight every day. I’d feel quite foolish if I were you. On top of that, being a woman is more than just being born with a vagina and no Y chromosomes, it’s a state of mind and lifestyle choices among other things. Tom-boys, girlie girls, and all others in between are legitimate states of womanhood. To become one does not make that person’s womanhood illegitimate, as converting to a religion does not make you an illegitimate member of that faith. Also as previously state, she is taking the final steps to become a legal woman; therefore she has very much so earned the “F” next to her name. She has proven her womanhood.
Your 4th post (Dec 1st) – I’m letting my grammar-Nazi out to say please, for all our sakes, learn the proper uses of a comma. Your first sentence is so jumbled it’s quite hard to understand what you’re trying to say. However, it seems to me you avoided telling what your sources are. You have a blossoming future in politics I’d say. You don’t like adding people who don’t have pictures of themselves? So don’t add 5tarlight and be done with it. Also, don’t try to end an argument when you continue it later. For future reference, it makes you look weak and like you’re struggling to continue the fight.
Your 5th post (Feb 6th) – Dear lady, to whom are you replying? Also, it's entirely normal that once one has completed transitioning from one sex to another that they act as though they have been that sex their entire life time. Not all of us want to be an advocate for the cause.

Ladies and gentlemen, in summary, we cannot state whether 5tarlight1988’s photo is actually her or not, only she knows and can say. My personal opinion is that if she is that close to completing her transition, it very well could be her. Also, we must remember to combat logic with logic. Fallacies are not in good standing as far as debate is concerned. “To argue with a man who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead” – Thomas Paine
I use a “fake” picture as I'm sure you've noticed by now. This is to represent myself as I feel I am to be represented. I do not owe it to anyone to change it or show my actual self.

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I know that you are real and I know that you are a sweet girl. Jealousy is an ugly color.