So Many...

My ex-boyfriend, several of my friends, my former boss, the girl at Wal-Mart in the photo lab, and I am sure there are many that I know that I am forgetting are cheaters.  This is what my "I see everything and say nothing" story was eluding to as it would be none of my business had they not chosen to confess this to me.

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add them to and give them a reputation report!

I have heard a confession or two in my life,and I would rather not have heard it.<br />
I dont think cheating in a relationship is a good thing, some people make their relationship a game,and a born cheater will play it any way they want, as long as they dont get hurt. It makes no difference who else gets hurt, because they dont feel a thing.<br />
Now I caught my wife cheating one time ...........I told her to put the ace of spades back in the deck or I would not play cards with her again. then she gave me the 52 card pick up thing.....

your friends might have something bad to say if they see what i wrote here lol.

Not at all Ar. If I don't like you then I will let you know.

or just overly nice...

Well I spend time with you bc I think you are worth the time.

I judge most people to just be a waste of my time. I guess i don't have a very good outlook on humanity.

Ar, Now that is funny. I can imagine you doing this.<br />
<br />
Well first of all I do not judge persons for their personal decisions. If they want to sleep around that is their business and not mine. I have my own personal code of morals that may not be the same moral compass as these persons so I generally listen and then i ask them how they feel about the person and the situation. (not the Walmart chick bc I didn't know her at all!) If they say they feel guilty I ask them why they may feel guilty and ask them what they can do to get away from those feelings. If they are happy about it then I ask them if they have considered all parties involved and if the unknowing parties were to find out if they could live with what they are doing. IF the answer is yes, then I say nothing. If they say no then I talk to them further and try to help them. I just want my friends to feel good.

What's your advice when they confess

I once answered only C on a multiple choice test and got a 100% Teacher did it to confuse the students, and i was just being an ***... but when he called me to his desk asking how i passed since everyone else failed i was like hey man make your test harder if you want me to fail! no noob gonna get me down!

Ar, Maybe she was looking at your answers and knowing you would get them wrong eliminated your answer so she could figure out the other options to select from lol.<br />
<br />
I must have one of those faces to Bot! All the time.

This is so funny my family even laughs cause people just start talking and confessing things to me. My son said he thought I had a neon sign on my forhead . confession priest in training. and some of the things they say

I don't know why people would want to cheat off me. I flunked every class i was ever in till i got to high school. They kept trying to put me in special ed but i would keep testing out of it...

yeah Sunny i was waiting on my photos to finish printing in the machine and the little girl must have been bored bc she just started telling me how she is a lesbian and cheating on her husband with the girl she has dated since three years before they married. I was very uncomfortable. <br />
<br />
LOL Al!<br />
<br />
That is funny Ar. I gave this guy in college the wrong answers bc he was a jerk and always used my notes because I had the class before him. He never asked me for my notes after that.

Second grade i was taking a math test and found a kid sitting next to me writing down all my answers. I started to write down the wrong answers for the rest of the test and changed them when he turned it in. I am so awesome!