My Father.

This is a pathetic, yet funny story.

My dad is a bigg cheater.  He is a master liar and charmer.  He cheated on my mom when I was a baby so they broke up.  But it doesn't end there.

When I was around 4/5 years old, he was on a break from his on again/off again gf, Leslie.  Then he introduced me to Angel, I loved her.  She had a son who was a bit younger than me, so she had a motherly way about her.  Now, I have a mom who I've always lived with full time, but it was summer, and I spent alot of it with my dad.

After introducing me to Angel, only days later, he introduced me to Tammy.  Tammy was a good girl, she was only about 23 and already owned her own home and everything.  She came from a good family.  She was also my dad's favorite, and I am assuming it is because she had it together.  From the beginning he told me, don't tell Angel and Tammy about each other.  I was afraid that my dad might yell at me if I did, so I refrained from speaking up, even though at that age I knew better.

One day daddy took me to the skating rink with a woman named Mitzi.  She was a bit older, divorcee with three daughters of her own.  She also worked at the bank where my dad and Tammy worked.  I really didn't like her at all.  I loved Angel, and was so used to spending alot of time at Tammy's house.  Tammy even brought me to meet her family and have sunday dinner with them.  I helped her mom peel the green beans and played with her sisters. 

One day I'd had about enough.  I was only five years old and I was confused.  I'd seen an old girlfriend of my dad's come over one day and go in his bedroom for awhile.  Well, we had to go to New York for my godsister's christening.  My dad decided to bring Tammy with us.  She was sitting in the back with me, as my uncle and dad were driving.  I told her to come in the back with me, we got under a blaknet with a flashlight and I told her about EVERY woman I'd seen my dad with.  Now, remember, we were driving up to new york (11 hour drive) and we were staying for several days.  So you can imagine how miserable this girl was for the whole entire trip knowing that my dad had been cheating on her.  Here she was trying to act like everything was great in front of all of his extended family. 

I know, I know, I could've timed it better, but I was 5.  When we got back home my dad chastised me for telling her.  He was still seeing Angel though.  I used to spend the day with her and her son.  A couple weeks after the trip, I was at Angel's and she was trying to contact my dad.  She kept calling and calling.  So I said, with my five year old brain, "Oh, daddy's probably with one of his other girlfriends.  Like Mitzi, or Tammy, she went to New York with us."

Next thing I knew the girl was on my dad's voicemail screaming.  She was crying and going psycho.  I got in trouble that night!  LOL!  But I just said, "Daddy it was wrong, you were lying." 

Well he ended up back with Leslie, since she was the only girl in the crowd that he hadn't alienated.  When I was 8, he dated Nikki, a seventeen year old.  He was supposably on a break from Leslie, but they were still screwing behind Nikki's back.  Then there was Michelle, who he cheated on with Leslie again.  I hated Leslie because she was a ***** to me, and I really liked Michelle.  But I didnt have to tell her.  She found their used condoms in the floor in the spare bedroom of the house. 

I'm not going to go into details about the in-between, but in 2005 he had a baby with his current girlfriend.  He is a long-haul truck driver, so he has the sleeper cab.  When my brother was first born, and his mother I guess wasn't up for sex, my dad brought Leslie to the house and kept her in the truck in the driveway.  He would stay inside and play with my baby brother, then go outside to have sex with Leslie, while telling his gf that he was going outside to check his computer. 

In conclusion, I have always hoped that what they say isn't true, that girls date men like their fathers.

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Mar 15, 2009