How Many of You Remember Jared?

Jared was 8 years old in 2006.  His psychopathic "Dad" knifed him in an uncocntrollable rage and sent him off to meet his maker.  Jareds Mom is still bent out of shape.

The story has been in the news lately since the coroners inquest into his death is currently running in a Hamilton court room.  The police that shot the murderer have spoken, the greving Mother has spoken, and even the mother of the dead murderous bastard has had her say.  Oddly enough, her testemony conflicted everyone elses as she tried to put the blame on someone else. The Black Donnelly's have been reborn in the last century only now their last name starts with an O and ends with a Z.

The Mother of the Monster (shall I call her Achidna? sure..) did not see the knife that was threatening her sons near second victim, testified that her son ran to an ajoining room to escape police but did not take a hostage, and even had to DECIDE on the night of the murder, whether or not to let the cops into the house.

Now here is a woman with a severe god complex.  On the night of the event, Achidna was in control of everything.  SHE would decide if her son would go to jail.  SHE would decide, if the cops could enter into a near fatal hostage situation, SHE would decide whether or not her sons hostage was worthy of being saved.

This is the woman who bore a child and raised him so Twisted, that he used women as battering rams to open doors and little boys as knife holders.  So retched ius SHE as to stand up to the provincial court system and under oath, repeatedly LIE with a straight face and she even got her nephew to back her story up.  The Mother of al monsters indeed.

In her twisted mind, "It is their story against mine.  they wern't there, I was.  I can say what I want and no one will be the wiser."  That is why she had a website put up to defend her boy.  It was taken down once by court order as the filth that it is, but it came back up after someone moved it out of the country.  don't bother looking for it, it is more lies and trash talk from the original queen of the trailer park.

I have met them all and known the principle players in this ghastly melodrama.  all I can say is that in all my life, I have NEVER met a family more out of touch with reality.  My only home is that the Judge in this event can find some way to put this ***** to sleep in a cage someplace where they can strap her to a bed and keep her sedated for the rest of her un-natural life.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to vent this stuff or my liver would explode.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I can appreciate the thought. Thank you.<br />
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I see that the issue is now with the lawyers to decide what truth to allow the jury to hear. I always thought that a coroners inquest might become a media circus and public display of group dynamics as it pertains to law.<br />
<br />
The poor Mother of Jared is being sensored by the judge in the exact moment that she need to be free to vent. I am not saying that everything she says is gosple, but she has a need to be HEARD at the highest levels of society as a part of her healing process.<br />
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Our social system, by desing or by mistake, allowed an 8 year old to be placed in a dangerous situation that resulted in a fatality.<br />
<br />
We should not let that happen again.

Please just take this for what it is, and do not spend too much of your own life on it. We all see bad things, experience cruelty, some more gruesome than others, but that's part of the human experience. Take this as an inspiration to assist others who must deal with such abominations.