Funeral Home That Became Somewhat Livable Home

A friend of mine told me that her grandmother purchased a home that used to be a funeral home. My friend and her brother would go there to visit with their grandmother on occassion. They were usually in the same room together during their visits, but one day, her brother went off in another room by himself. My friend and her grandmother heard the boy scream. They both went running into the room where he was. He was standing over a mans body lying on the floor with blood stain on his shirt. They all saw him, the man faded away, but the blood stain remained. My friend said that her grandmother would try to scrub the blood stain away, and it would be gone until the next morning, the blood stain would be back. She found out there were people who died there, that man was shot. She moved out of there not too long afterwards. Her brother was tramatized for quite some time.

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