Not Always a Good Thing.

As much as it's a very useful thing, at times, to recognise a fruitless argument, it can also lead to too much submissive behaviour on my part.

Standing back, to allow the drama to pass in situations where others are unlikely to change their view, can lead to too much self sacrifice for the sake of peace.

It always blows up in the end.

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:-) well it's your internal strength, which is the most important thing to hang onto and nurture.. It's what keeps you going, and what will eventually shine!!.. Learning to listen to your emotions, is a handy part of the proccess, as they tell you flat out what your inner beliefs really are - which gives you the clarity of self to begin to assert who you are and what you think.. :-)<br />
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Unfortunately, some people aren't interested in self reflection or growth, or in the understanding of others - and these people you'll always need to tip toe around.. but on the whole, as life happens, you get stronger :-)

Haha I remember this. I can say I've learnt A LOT about myself and people since writing this. But I've also learnt my dad will never change, so all stands as it was with him. But I've had to take so much in since then, all the information and lessons I've learnt try to kick in at the same time, and it get's to I haven't changed so much in action, just more so in ideas. Still a passive push over.

Just a note... I've learned to stand up for myself quite a bit more since writing this post!! :-)

Always remember to take a little time to listen to what your heart is whispering to you, and take strength from that, to remember who you are, and how you feel and what you think... even if, at times, you just have no other option but to go along with your dad.

Yup. Even though I've only just about got 16 years behind me. It's too true. <br />
But my Dad's something else though. You tell him he's speaking negatively about something, and he'll change the meaning of negative it's self!! it's like the rules and dictionary definitions don't count for anything! =s<br />
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I try block him out now. Quite sad. Oh well.

Parents just add an extra level of fruitlessness, don't they... <br />
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You can never win, nor change their mind, regardless of anything you say or do.... but keeping quiet can allow them to change you, so that you spend years trying to find and reclaim yourself... in my case, anyway.

I agree.<br />
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I hate arguing. Especially when it's not getting anywhere. That's what it's like talking to my Dad.