Quite A Few Actually, And 'boys' Too :)

Of course I do, many of my friends are from Russia, actually most are ! And now i live in the Russian part of my city so it's kind of nice, nostalgic in a way. I am not born there but in a neighboring Baltic country so back in the Communist days it was mandatory for us to learn Russian as well. FYI I live in North America at present; so thanks for opening up your arms and allowing us citizenship when my birth country was under oppression  due to Communism!


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it is thank you :) our city is probably one of the most cultually diverse cities in my country, so it's great that way!<br />
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lots of jews have come from Russia, that's a very neat connection for sure:)

It is funny. I never spend time thinking about my Russian heritage because all the focus has always been on the Jewish Heritage part. But both of my great grandparents on both sides came from Russia. I am glad that you have a russian part of your city to live in!! Must be comforting.