These Guys Opened My Eyes Wide

I am really bored and have random thoughts so lets play a game. These are all pictures of guys who's eyes really caught my eye. There gorgeous and intense...

Anyway, what do you think these guys are thinking just by looking into there eyes...

To me this guy looks sorta pissed. He looks like he'd be thinking "get that ******' camera out of face!" or "YOU WANNA GO?!!!! I'LL KICK YOUR ***!"

This guy looks bored and slightly annoyed to me.

This guy looks like he has angel eyes to me. He looks shy eyed to me too. 

This guy is another one that looks kinda angry to me. But for some reason I see a hint of a smile in them...almost. 

This ones more obvious. He looks like he's in pain or about to cry or something. 

I just want to hug this guy, lol. His eyes are so hot. Typical pretty boy teen. I don't know what he's thinking but his eyes are beautiful. 

This guy's got the lightest eyes I've ever seen! He looks like a perfect part for a vampire actor movie. Almost silver. I notice his pupils are really small. He looks like he could hypnotize someone. 

This is another one that seems obvious. "Come get me" look. 
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Dec 6, 2012