The Big Bad Wolf

I lost my job because I stood up to a group of racisit co-workers.I felt as If I was in the CIA the way they made up stories on me.I know that it is not time to lose ones job, but after 3 years of being called ******* and everything but the child of God,I just told them how I feel and they fired me.It was worth it,but i hate that mean people always seems to get away with everything,blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

xxhoney xxhoney
2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

thanks needed that I'm still jobless,but I felt good standing up for a change,I was always the quite one who doesn't say anything,but that day was the last straw....

its true..i dont know why they get away with the bad things they do ..but a good person does one small thing and they are did the right thing!! im proud of you!! you get back on your feet soon..a big hug so you can feel better!!