And Here's Yet Some More For Your Enjoyment:

Bieber *****: A picture that exists in millions of fantasies, but hasn't actually been seen by anybody.

Doogie Dump: The ***-shot scene from TV's Doogie Howser, M. D. that every gay guy remembers, where Neil Patrick Harris falls asleep while sitting on the toilet.

Bronco Busting: Losing your virginity at Mile-High Stadium.

Git-'er-Done: What Larry the Cable Guy yells outside the bathroom door while you're jacking off, and he has to take a wicked ****.

Bison: Buffalo Bill's sexually versatile male child.

Parrot Pubes: What grows above Dennis Rodman's penis.

Latex Lover: Jacking off with any rubber ************ device.

Baker's *****: Having the irresistible urge to stick your hard **** in any bread or pastry product after watching American Pie.

Juicy Joint: Using your *** to seal up a doobie or a blunt.

Paparazzi Penis: Prince Harry's mistaken belief that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Floppy Disk: The part of a person's spine that allows them to give themselves head.

Brown Bagging: What happens when your partner doesn't wipe their *** before sex.

Orange Marmalade: What your *** looks like when you've been eating Cheetos while you jack off.

Peter Out: Having your lifeless limp **** hanging out of the fly of your boxers after a marathon jack off session.

Master Bidder: Someone who jacks off at auctions.
Dekay11 Dekay11
56-60, M
Sep 18, 2012