And Will Never Tell

I am the one friend who will keep the secrets. Every person needs a confidante - I have one.

Do you? Where do you place your secrets? 

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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9 Responses Feb 15, 2009

You're right. Thanks - needed that :)

That my dear is integrity, and a rare trait indeed. Welcome to the club :)

Yes it is -- and for that reason - I will enver ever tell anyone the secrets that I know

Secrets aren't always bad, but they do exist. It's nice to know that your vault person is reliable. Its a horrible feeling to be betrayed.

Yep - that is true ...

I think everyone has a secret especially your best friends and family. ;)

PHSensei that is amazing - most people break down and tell their spouse ...

I have a vault that is impenetratable. I know things that will never leave my lips unless I'm told its ok to divulge. My ex wife used to get so pissed that I wouldn't share these things with her, but they weren't her secrets to keep.<br />
<br />
My firends know this about me, and I'm the guy that people can talk too. I like this role in life though.

not really i probably need one tho!