Men Who Dont Want Sex

I met this man not to long ago and enjoy spending time with him. We really hit it off from the start, and we have good chemistry together. All of a sudden things changed and now he tells me " we cant have sex again because he is afraid he may fall in love with me"...................................what  in the hell. I know the cootie cat good, but damn!!!!!

aliceinwonderment aliceinwonderment
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

He does sound a little strange

either he has another woman, trying to lead you on for money, or he just plain gay. Could be a many of reasons, but if He is a reborn again Christian, He's given it up somewhere to someone. I had a friend that told me that she was involved with a man that said he was whorish and couldn't have a woman come to his house because he would be tempted. They met in other peoples houses and outside in cars of bars. Who has a committment issue or who is just plain lying to your ***?

hahahaha that's quite funny i think i sort of understand him =) do u want me to elaborate honn