My cousin Candy started becoming distant when she was around 15-16. No one ever really thought anything of it. Or we were all just too ******* blind. Anyway she never let on that she was in any trouble and she hid her habit very well. She was on many different drugs and 'dating' her supplier. If you can call it that. Well she was paying for her fix in more than one way. One day we all get a call from her (about 2:15am) and she was crying and we couldn't understand her. My parents called her parents and the search was on. The next morning the cops came to her moms house saying that she was at the hospital in the ICU. She had been stabbed with an ice pick by her boyfriend/dealer when she couldn't afford her lastest fix and refused anything else. She had a blood clot that went into her brain making her brain dead. So her mother had to pull the plug. Her sister said she knew what Candy was doing but didn't want her to get in trouble.


If you know anyone that needs help please don't wait until it's too late. Don't let your friend/family member become my Candy.

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Thank you. *hugs*

That is SO sad. <br />
<br />
I can only hope that the killer (the bastard!) was caught, even though that won't ever bring Candy back to the ones who loved her.<br />
<br />
The thought occurs to me that perhaps Candy was suffering from profound depression, hence the bad choices that followed. If someone else had not done her in first, she might have killed herself, which could have been even MORE difficult to accept for her family and friends.<br />
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Rest in peace, Candy.