i think all the people here should know how kind and supportive you were on lots of people in France, i am sorry but i can't let this be hidden anymore, i know you like your activities as a humanitarian stay hidden, but all the EP people must know you.
we all give supports and love for you.
avec les meilleurs voeux
Wilson956 Wilson956
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Yes, Ellias is such a cool boy, ( lmfao, not for the money you always paid for the parties XD)*** but for your kind, caring and friendly behavior toward the strangers and all our friends. 👍

Aww! Tres bien :)

I can't understand that Spanish line, it's not written clearly. Three well? What do you mean buddy? :1

It's French! You're probably mistaking Bien for Buen :)

Haha, yeah, my french is not that much good buddy.
If you love talking In French, Ellias is the option. Haha;) he can also talk in more than 8 languages. ( disgusting; ) jk# haha)

Merci pour vos mots:)
Ellias est une personne unique👍👌

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