I Know A Couple

He is living the dream every day. Living is **** with 16 something cats he can't care for all in a small camper. Pot is cool huh?

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
9 Responses Mar 2, 2010

dude that almost sounds lik bubbles from trailer park boys...except he lives in a shed with cats n smokes n grows..***** killlla

never seen it

come on, you knew i was being sarcastic.


sarcasm sarah


pot makes you into a super hero that gives you really awesome powers to help people!

really boob? you think pot doesn't make you an idiot?

It pretty much support what he likes to do which is nothing at all. Doing nothing seems to be a lot easier when high as a kite.

I think that just reflects on him. I would findi t hard to believe that pot has made him a animal hoarder in a camper.