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 When i was about two years old my mom left my dad,she was fed up[ with him coming home drunk a lot.She found him passed out in front of the frontdoor,too drunk to get in by himself...One day she just had enough.She took me and my sister and left.She had almost nothing,for my dad was very mad at her.She had wooden crates for tables and she had to find ways to live very cheap,the times she didn't eat to feed us are uncountable.As for my dad (the sad part of the story...) he was devestated.He began drinking even more,he cried for three years in a row,made a huge mess of his life and that of my brother's.I remember him being so drunk that he pied in the sink or backyard cause he forgot where he toilet was or was too drunk even to get there.He tried to make my mom's life miserable too,telling us that if we came living with him he would give us money each week,just to spite her.He even called us up saying he'd kill himself if we didn't help him,he was so drunk in those times that he forgot now that he even did those things.Luckely my mom never caved in into his psychological games and was strong enough to not let it effect her desicion.The sad part was that my dad was in that state from then on...Drinking every day,being resentfull towards everything and he never had another woman in his life...He keeps on saying even now that she was the woman of his life...No-one else can replace her.Not then and not now...A real sad love story...He wasted his entire life and will never get over her...

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it is,and more so for now they are both alone,living only 3 streets apart from eachother!