Once Upon a Time...

There was a boy and a girl. They met in the sixth grade, and became fast friends. The boy was a popular kid, although kind of eccentric, but went out of his way to make everyone laugh. The girl was the prettiest and most popular in the whole school.

They used to sit around together and talk about anything. He'd make her laugh and she would tell him of how she wanted to be a writer, and he would tell her he wanted to be a movie star.

As time went on they both grew closer. He fell in love with her but was afraid to tell her how he felt. She would tell him of all the guys who wanted to date her and he would offer his advice as to what to do, all the way up till high school.

They would hang out, as both entered student politics, he as President four times, she as Vice President twice. They did drama together, and they sat at the same tables at their proms.

She had fallen for the dashing football team quaterback, who didn't like her best friend. He made life hard for him, threatening him and jealously guarding the girl from her best friend. When they boy asked the girl to dance, the quarterback swooped in and took the dance instead. The boy watched heartbrokenly when he kissed her. He sat down facing the window he saw them talking about something in the reflection. Then, he saw him drag her out. He decided to follow, just in case the girl he loved was in trouble and sure enough she was. He saw the quarterback trying to rape her. He rushed to the rescue, and even though the quarterback hit him hard, he fought back and broke the quarterback's jaw, and saved the girl.

A month later they both graduated from high school. She thanked him for saving her and told him that she would see him around and not to forget her when he became famous. He told her he never could and wanted to see her during the summer.

However, they never saw each other again. He would like very much to find her and reconnect. He hopes she is out there somewhere.

The end.

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15 Responses Mar 14, 2009

this is sad :( is it ba<x>sed on you or someoen you know? i hope whoever it is finds the girl again someday.

i hope they meet someday :D

i hope they meet someday :D

Yeah, it was sad.

how sad!!

how sad!!

Don't tell me... Tell him.

Keep searching, my friend. She's out there somewhere!

Also, if you wanna make a happy ending... Make it.

Well, I've had alot of practice at the sad love story thing.

=[ You're really good at the sad love story thing. I just wish I was better at making happy endings =[

Now that I read it again, I feel like I was there ;)

ya sure did

Yeah... I guess I came up with a good story.

That is sad but its very touching as well!