There has been much written about a religious movement which received from the Church of Rome an unprecedented viciousness in persecution, they have been consigned to history as Cathars, who, the 'authorities' say were christian heretics.

Many call them Gnostics originating with the Bogomils and Paulicians from the southern Slav lands, Macedonia and Greece. Despite their saying or questioning the 'divinity of Christ' the Church persecuted them to the torture stake and pyre.

What is not seen is the similarity between the Cathars (pronounced 'Cat - hars') and the various Kabbalist groups that were developing in the eastern Mediterranean lands at the same time. The truth of the Kabbalah was returned across to western Europe by Crusaders and their retinues for over two hundred years.

I counter that the Cathars who are so honoured as heretic Christians were in fact Christian Kabbalists. As I study more, I understand and can associate more.
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Wow that's deep stuff. I don't know enough world or religious history to be able to comment on this, but it all sounds very interesting for sure.