Forgive Me Fans Of Hers But....

I HATE that song by Adele called Someone like you. It is one of the most whiniest songs i've ever heard for one and the fact that my boyfriend's ex sings that song to him makes me hate it even more. Everytime I hear it I cringe.
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5 Responses Sep 17, 2011

I agree. If someone wrote those lyrics for me I would be mortified. "I'll find someone like you" sounds like someone who is not mentally balanced. Showing up unannounced the way she described sounds like stalker behaviour. It's not passionate or loving, just deranged.

I kind of have to agree with you on this one. Definitely not her best song, but I think that is kind of just how her voice is and the way she sings. I do like Rolling in the deep and Set fire to the rain though...

I really like the song maybe because it gets me. I used to love someone very much to a depressive point such as Adele's but I understand your point of view when the ex is singing that to your boyfriend. I don't see myself comparing my partner with the last person I loved but at a moment I did feel like no one could replace him. <br />
Hope she gets over it soon so you can be happy with your boyfriend. Best of wishes

I understand you, I still love Adele, but it what song is saying that I don't like. Somone like you!!! Oh no thank you I hope not!!! Not like my x!!!

HA! nope. I still hate it and there is nothing anyone can tell me thats gonna change how i feel about it. You'd understand if you were in my shoes...but I respect your opinion. :-)