The Ignorance Of Pro-abortion Murderers....

Abortion. I can't help, but post the facts of life with so many ignorant women(AND MEN) in the world. If a fetus isn't a baby YOU AREN'T PREGNANT. The social bullshit that has been imposed upon the public and liberal pro-abortion "women"...I like to call them what they are...proponents of murder is just that. Bullshit.
I will not argue from the Creator's point of view, though I'm fairly sure he would judge harshly those arrogant ***** that would kill a child within them. Killing His miracle of life given to mankind.

It violates the laws of nature. It violates the laws of the Universe. These murderers take the lives of millions of babies every year under the premise that the child inside them isn't human ..that it is apart of a woman's body. Often there is an argument against men that they can't have an opinion, because they are men and will never bare a child. This is the fools rhetoric. A man is apart of ANY pregnancy. Without the man a woman would not become pregnant. If a man is apart of a murderer's pregnancy he should have all the rights as the woman as to challenge her for the life of HIS child.

The child inside you no matter the age is a CHILD that is separate, yet DEPENDENT on it's mother to not kill it and the father to protect the mother to take care of it until it is born. It is just as alive as a born child or a grown person. It cannot stop or defend itself from it's own mother from killing it if the stupid murderer aborts the innocent child.

You can see them struggle as they are poisoned in the womb with ultrasound. You can watch them twitch their legs and arms in a vain attempt at an escape they can never have except in their murder/death. Culture and politics have made this TRAVESTY of the human race continue unopposed by making murder legal.

Every Slave owner was FREE. Every Abortionist was BORN. Oppression works this way.

The entire argument for abortion is illogical and based on the mother not the baby. It's used as birth control in most cases, because these stupid women have unprotected sex OR protected sex when they don't want a child. If you don't want a child my dear murderess, then you do not have sex. PERIOD.
So, they get pregnant. "OMG It's TOO SOON I HAVE TO HAVE AN ABORTION!" "I can't take care of the baby at this point in my life." there are hundreds of idiotic reasonings behind pregnant murderers. 99.9% are totally invalid. Totally illogical. Totally EVIL.
They would murder the ultimate innocence instead of offering up their children for adoption and going through 9 months of pregnancy, because after all 9 months of pregnancy is SOOOOO inconvenient isn't it. So inconvenient that some commit willing murder upon their unborn child.

ANY type of women(Dems or Reps.) that are Pro-Abortion are subhuman to me. Their thoughts are without logic, without care, and totally misguided into thinking infanticide murder is not abortion. It's more convenient that way. "OMG I'm pregnant because I had SEX!" "Time to kill my's just too soon.". INSANITY! STUPIDITY! FOOLS! MURDERERS!
NONE of you will get ANY pity from me for "feeling bad" after you murder your child unless you totally rebuke what you've done and admit it was murder. Then the whatever healing can be can begin. Otherwise they are worthless human trash that should have died instead of their child.

I've said this many times. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. Abortion is the same. It's legal. Legal killing. Legal murder. Yet who do we see most outside of State Executions of murderers protesting? A bunch of GD liberal men and WOMEN that are pro-abortion. Save the murderers kill the babies. YES it's a baby inside you. YES you are killing it with an abortion. YES that equals murder.

What is even the argument FOR abortion? That the fetus is too small therefor not human? That it's not human? That it's not alive? That's completely insane. I don't want to make this TOO political, but by far liberal women are the most that agree with abortion. They selfishly say a dependent life inside their womb is not human. Is it alive? YES. Will it be born if you don't murder it? YES. Will it grow into an adult human if you let it? YES.

I'm tired as I write this. I may revise areas and add more later. Take it from nature where NOTHING kills it's unborn child willingly. Only humans with their technology of death(in this case) practice this horrible act upon innocence.

If a woman with my child inside her killed it ........there had better be a supernatural force stronger than me protecting that particular women/MURDERING *****. I have ZERO ******* pity for a woman that kills a life inside her. I don't care if they get upset..cry..whine..*****..moan. Unless they ADMIT they murdered their child they are ignorant subhuman murdering TRASH. NO abortion supporter or woman that carries out an abortion willingly and purposefully shall EVER have pity from me as long as they think they are correct in their "CHOICE" to KILL their baby. It's infanticide. Plain and simple. PERIOD.
Those that later recognize their horrible mistake will have terrible guilt. Often women that have abortions hear the sound of crying babies..shadow sounds. They say this is psychological and all in the mind of the woman murderer. I say it's just deserts for their crime.

Do I have anger? YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT. I HATE FOOLS AND EVERY ABORTIONIST IS A MISGUIDED FOOL. Yes I'm being judgmental. I KNOW it's wrong with every fiber of my being. With every fact available to me. With my very soul.

Don't you DARE come in this topic and start spouting insults. If you want to post here disagreeing with me you better have a valid(to you) argument why you believe in infanticide.

People are so selfish and easily corruptible these days. It makes me SICK

A quite commonly overused "argument" is that of rape and ****** cases of young women. This is called transference. Transfering the totally unacceptable evil sins of the father onto the daughter or son within the victim. These cases are not as common as the murderers/abortionists imply. That's no excuse for anything, but to go this low in an argument is sad. In cases of rape it's bad all around, so you're going to make it worse by killing the child. ****** is worse of course ,but this is thin ice. When it comes right down to it however, abortion is murder and murder is abortion. If the family agrees to kill the's a hard moral case to decide whether or not to kill the child. I don't think any child in the womb should be murdered personally.  Putting those aside.
There is no other case that is in the least bit questionable aside from the immenent death of the mother..and then everything should be done to save both mother and child.
Also NONE of the Pro-murderers/abortion crowd I've talked to have been personally the victims of rape or ****** to my knowledge and DEFINITELY the major majority of murdering mothers are NOT some type of victim. Except perhaps being a victim of stupidity and heartless uncaring about slaughtering..literally SLAUGHTERING their in the womb children. The pro-murder crowd does so love to throw that moral challenge of rape and ****** at a Pro-Life/Anti-Infanticide person. It's just sickening when they do throw that CRAP out to try to save the box they live try and continue to defend the un-defendable..the murder of children with those terrible things that 90+percent of the time did NOT ever happen to them.

You had better read this entire post/story and watch every single video before you try to defend baby murder.


This **** makes me SICK...the ****** should be executed with his own methods of abortion IMHHFO.

Not alive? No consciousness? Watch this you murdering *******(AND Bastards).

There is NO defense for this. Abortionist and the mother murderers can burn in HELL for all I care.

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Do also know that the earth is a flat disc?

Please read this in full.
So you believe that a child is formed at conception, right? So is a zygote a child? A zygote is the first diploid cell formed from the haploid egg and *****. Is a single cell a child? No it is not. Allow me to propose another question. Say a woman's OB/GYN tells her that if she goes into labor she and the baby will not survive. Should the woman abort the embryo to save her own life? Or should she die along with it? What if a woman is raped? Does she have a right to abort her rapist's baby because she knows that she does not want to carry or raise the child of a rapist? What if a woman is raped by her father or her brother, and the baby will be severely deformed and suffer its entire life if it is born? Would that constitute an abortion? To prevent the suffering of a child and a mother? Suppose a woman gets pregnant and the father dies or disappears so she would not have the money to raise the baby, so it would either grow up in poverty or live most of its early life in an orphanage, without parents. Should the embryo be aborted so that id doesn't have to live a life of suffering? On another note, the fetus does not even look like a human until about 9 weeks of pregnancy, and even then it has absolutely no chance of surviving outside the womb. That comes around 24 weeks. I know the poster will not see this because it appears that they have deleted their account, so I am addressing the comment section.

thumbs up. nothing but factual information listed here. it will ruffle some feathers though, because the PRO's will fill a glinting hint of guilt that they so desperately try to suppress by spewing their propaganda about how wrong everyone else is. Just kidding, they don't care one way or other about human life unless it is a criminal who has taken someone else's life, then they want to protect them and their actions. when you only care about yourself and try to justify everything you do based off your own desires; human life will never matter to them. only those who commit inhuman acts will be of any importance.

"Human life will never matter to them" I'm so happy that I found someone that knows how everyone feels and thinks. And you're so correct we are all monsters because we aborted and even the ones that are mothers after they aborted they don't care about their children or humanity. Get over yourself.

i'm happy too. i'm also happy you realize what monstrous acts you have committed. I got over myself long ago, it sounds like you are the one who cares more about yourself than human life. at least you realize it though, and that is the first step. congrats!

nop, still don't think that's a monstrous act, and in all honesty you're more a monster than I am, I'm not the one descriminating people, so that's on you, don't project what you feel and what you are on others

I'll share some of my "wisdom" with you, when a woman aborts she's not thinking only about herself but also in the life that she would give to the child. So women that abort are in deed less of a monster than you because they put herselves through the pain of abortion so they don't give a crapy life to another human being, instead you prefer to put a child in the world and have him suffer. You're the reason that we found babies on the trash, or we have children living on the streets. I don't think that they want to thank people like you that conviced their parents to give birth just because.

You're the perfect picture of ignorance. And so you knowwhen you terminate a pregnancy it's not a baby but a foetus that's inside you. Legs and arms spreading??? Stop seeing science fiction, you can't terminate a pregnancy so advanced not legally every way. And you are not sharing an experience but hate, judgement, ignorance and misconception. And no women does it lightly so it's not your concern or problem.

you tell him borb. I don't understand why someone so damn ignorant would dare to show the facts he listed. when will people understand a fetus, or foetus that is inside you is not a baby, it isn't human; I mean it is just this you know cells, and stuff with human dna; formed and growing; more or less just a worthless piece of **** you know. good greif, not like it is anything like a baby. I've never seen an ultrasound with a fetus wearing a diaper, lol; the damn pictures of ignorance all over the place. yeah, rofl, look we're pregnant and it is a boy, it has a penis; that is so stupid why on earth would they refer to a glob of dog crap like it is a baby or something; comical in a way. borb, I've learned so much for you I anticipate the wisdom in every one of your post with much haste. please, do not make me wait much longer

You wanted to sound ironic but you just sound obnoxious. I feel sorry for you, you're small minded not only ignorant. I think you didn't get the purpose of this website, you should be sharing your experiences not trying to share hate and judgment, but hey some people don't have lovein their lifes so they need to spread hate. Your words are just that, I'm just sorry that you get to affect some people. I feel sorry for you. And the only way that a foetus is what you said is that if you're referring to yourself.

thanks again borb for the compliments. oh no, I meant to sound obnoxious. just like you sound. and thank you for more words of wisdom. your insight into human psychology amazes me as much as your knowledge of feotuses. you are right, I shouldn't judge; I don't have a law degree or anything. honestly, I don't need to judge when everyone's actions are their own judgements. I have nothing but love for you girl, not hate. you are right, i'm a lonely old basterd that nobody loves, so I guess that is why I spew hatred and try to make people feel as miserable as I do about life just so I feel I can belong or even matteeeer... sorry my tears made my fingers slip on the keyboard. i'm going to go eat a bunch of fast food, and drink myself to sleeppppp, finger slip again

and again, don't project youself on others. between you and me the only person that's being obnoxious is you. It should amaze you, but only because it seems that you know less than I do.
You should do that so we didn't have to read more of your words!

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So at what point in the woman's pregnancy (in terms of what stage) does the rights of the woman lose precedence to the rights of the fetus? In other words, the woman can't decide to terminate her pregnancy in her 6th month. My point is, different laws come into affect as the pregnancy progresses. The later the stage, the less the woman's rights, and the more the fetus's rights.

Why can't ppl agree to disagree with throwing hatefulness?
TeganLynneTeganLynne 26-30, F 1 day ago

That was yesterday. Today, on my white board, she writes:

TeganLynne said:

Old ugly and horny. With no one idiotic enough to bother with obviousmans teensy wormy penis. Lol

TEGAN: Your smarmy anger and ad hominem attacks undermine your arguments today as surely as reason and logic have for weeks. My penis - and your disdain for them in general - really is beside the point, but your hypocrisy infuses everything you post.

Oh, btw, Eric, you DID notice that you just admitted your bullshit about 'human life' not being present in the exfoliated skin cells is a false claim and a dead loss as an argument.What happened to that fake 170 IQ? On haitus today?<br />
<br />
This is in response to your BLOCKED lie <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>#reply_5581872

To Eric:
You blocked a reply to your bullshit, but now I have re posted.
See if you have the balls to keep this up.
You said "..Ok idiot human life is that of the entire multicellular organism not a scant few skin cells which cannot survive apart from the whole. """
So you agree, human LIFE is not one cell, or a few million.
And therefore all abortion is perfectly right, since no HUMAN BEING is destroyed while the z/e/f is not a fully formed human being.

There is infinite defense for this.
The z/e/f does not have the right to own her body.
Case closed.

I know that abortion is a decision between a woman and her medical provider. It should be much more accessible. Keep it legal! Let's keep away from religious tyranny.

you know what jaxson2014 SHUT UP

You know what roar? BE SILENT, he's right, you are not.

listen i just happen to think it's wrong

O.K., that's honest. You "just happen" rather than having logical cause for your position.
But at least that's honest.
You don't KNOW anything, you just happen to think it is wrong.
You might be salvageable.
Do you have a reason why you just happen to think it is wrong?
And if I show you the reason is false, can you change your mind?

Wish I could stay silent but I have to stand with logic and reason. Thank goodness for legalized abortion, again I wish it was more accessible. It is a right and I hope to keep it that way.

Access to family planning is good for society. Unfortunately things happen that should not sentence a woman to carry an unwanted child to term including failure of contraceptives.

No, not a religious tyrant, but you seem to be very ill informed and closed minded. This doesn't even matter because abortion is fine under any circumstance where a woman does not want to be pregnant but some women are not whoring around. Some women are taking birth control and it fails. She may be in a long term relationship, she may be married. She may not know her birth control has failed. No one should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term because of your point of view.

If you believe that enslaving women in service to a blob of cells is believe in the inferior rights of women to the superior rights of something not yet a human being.
Hard to reconcile that with a rational mind.
Sort of leads directly to the conclusion that you grant some 'divine' right superior to human rights to a z/e/f.
And that is religion, if not an accepted one.

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"The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived and dishonest--but the myth--persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy (Commencement address, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, June 11, 1962)

You know as evil as abortion and those who do it and support it are I must say that it is benefiting us by killing off the liberals .

your right about the part about abortions being evil but not all liberals believe in abortion. im pretty liberal and i don't support abortion i think it's wrong it's murder anyone who kills a baby deserves to be locked up in prison for life.

all liberals believe that slavery is a moral wrong.
Antiabortion is enforced slavery.
Babies do not exist in utero. They only become babies when they are BORN!

Are you prepared to see your taxes triple or quadruple to PAY for these additional incarcerations? Maybe it would be more cost effective just to kill those who abort? Wait.... you oppose killing fetuses, but support jailing adults for life, but must oppose capital punishment because you oppose killing human life..... I am getting dizzy here. So you'd support lifetime incarceration, taking these people out of the workforce, causing the rest of us to have to pay for them.... YOU MUST BE A COMMUNIST!

I am pro life, and in general very opposed to abortion. It is unfair for a baby to be created in the world and destroyed by the same people before that baby has a chance to live.

So you admit it hasn't lived yet. THanks for the confession.!

I agree with you completely life is a gift from God and should be treated as such. All human life is dignified including the unborn. However, the unborn cannot protect themselves so we must stick up for them. We need to be the defenders of life and warriors of God. Although we should not pass judgement on those who have had an abortion because we are not in their situation and they may not know any better.

There is no god. Until you prove the one, the other is untrue as well

You write, "Take it from nature where NOTHING kills it's unborn child willingly. Only humans with their technology of death(in this case) practice this horrible act upon innocence." And yet women experience spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) naturally and regularly. Many women miscarry so soon after conception that they never realize that they are pregnant. The body rejects an embryo for a variety of reasons, not all of which are completely understood. But the undeniable fact is that humans spontaneously abort with regularity, and this process is every bit as natural as any other. Thus, I have great difficulty understanding the basis of the statement I have quoted, and your reliance of this bit of illogic undermines your fundamental argument. Any thoughts?

Your argument makes no sense. Just because the body of a woman may reject the fetus does not mean killing a child that was not rejected is some how normal....

Ever see a dog or wolf ***** or sow eat its own litter? It happens all the time.

It is normal

It is normal johnhall.
4200 years ago there was an herb, silphium which was commonly used for abortion. Apparently, it worked so well the herb became extinct from women's excess harvest of the slow reproducing plant.
There's even an ancient coin with Silphium inscribed on it.
So, assuming you are a believer in god, god gave women abortion.

Rabbits reabsorb foeti when food is scarce. Wolves eat their young under like circumstance.
Seems the claim "take it from nature" means exactly the opposite of the claim.

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<p>Ok so i think i have a solution that will satisfy both sides. Preggos dont want their kids because theyre terrible burdens in every meaning of the word. You guys want them because youre too sensitive. Here is the solution. Leave the babies in the woods. There they will be raised by local animals and may possibly gain superhuman abilities. It is a win win win. Preggos dont take care of the kid, you dont kill the kid, and the kid gains superpowers. TELL OBAMA.</p>

You should reconsider using that last video as evidence for your argument. It’s evidence that you haven’t researched your argument. This propaganda film has been cycling around since 1984 and is full of scientific, medical, and legal errors, and technical manipulation intended to deceive.

Technical manipulations first:
The image on the ultrasonograph screen is blown up to give the impression of a full grown baby. Even the model that the narrator is using is misleading and is about the size of an 18 week fetus. A 12-week-old fetus is less than two inches long.
The film of the ultrasound is initially played at deliberately slower speed and then greatly sped up when surgical instruments are inserted, to give the impression that the fetus is “thrashing about in alarm”.

Scientifically speaking, there are multiple errors made in this video. These are well discussed in an informative brochure released by the PPFA, entitled: The Facts Speak Louder than "The Silent Scream". Link below;

It debunks many of the unsupported claims, including:
- The 12 week fetus experiences pain
- The 12 week fetus makes purposeful movements
- The ultrasonogram depicts the open mouth of the fetus
- For a 12 week fetus, brain waves have existed for six weeks
- Fetal heart rate rose from 140 to 200
- Severe and lasting psychological damage occurs to women who have abortions

And lots more.

Where do I start?

By banning all abortions you are asserting that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant she forfeits all of her bodily rights over to the fetus. She no longer has any say over her reproductive cycle, her body, and becomes nothing more than an incubator.

"But the fetus has rights too!" I hear you say. Okay then, can you think of a SINGLE example where a human is allowed to use someone else’s body to sustain his/her life without that person’s consent? There aren’t any. A fetus cannot survive without its mother. It is dependent upon her body, and the only reason it is allowed to stay there is because the mother consents.

And let’s address the whole “fetuses are babies” and “when does life begin” argument. Some say life begins at the moment of conception, some say it’s 28 weeks, or later. Frankly it doesn’t matter. Let’s take that out of the equation completely. Consider patient 1: female, 2 years old, lying in a hospital bed, dying of kidney failure. She is most certainly a human being, as is patient 2: male, 20 years old. (It doesn’t really matter how old they are, but some people say fetuses are special because they are “innocent”. I challenge anyone to say that a 2 year old is not innocent.) Without that man’s consent, you cannot take one of his kidneys and give it to the 2 year old. Without that man’s consent, you cannot hook the little girl up to him so his kidneys filter her blood. It’s a violation of his bodily rights, and it doesn’t matter how old the patients are, how conscious they are, or how innocent they are.

So back to the rights of fetuses. Even if you give fetuses rights equal to every other human being on this planet, that means it cannot use its mother to sustain it unless she gives permission. To ignore the mother’s choice in this scenario is to forfeit her rights and give the fetus SPECIAL rights. If you are pro-life (pro-control) you are not fighting for equal rights.

I feel great sympathy for mcghee2014. She has the right to control what happens to her body. If she refuses an abortion and wanted to continue her pregnancy, nobody should have been able to force her. But apparently because I disagree with you I’m subhuman, so what would I know?

So according to you I can kill my wife since she is my dependant and realize on me working to make money for her to live? Oh wait that 2 year old doesn't need a new kidney she just needs to be put down by her parents as you said she is dependent on them to live there for have the right to end her life. Also woman can prevent getting prego by not being ******. Or use birth control. When they decide to have set they loose the right to their body to the kid. EVERY ACTION WE DO HAS CONSEQUENCES EITHER GOOD OR BAD. So instead of giving woman a no consequences/responseability option how about we act like adults and make people pay for their choices. Also there are laws(depends on the state) that if you fail to give a starving person food and they die you are then able to be charge with murder. So that to screws your whole dependant argument. I really don't understand why people think woman should be able to have sex and never have to pay for their actions

I’m going to cut you some slack and assume that you’re trying to “attack the straw man”. It’s where you misrepresent my original statement and then argue against that instead of what I actually said. At least I hope it was intentional. No one could be stupid enough to say that using someone else’s body against their will and being financially dependent are equivalent situations. However, you did make a convincing argument that killing for financial reasons is BAD. Also, starving people is BAD. Well done.

Now you can refute what I actually stated, that using someone else’s body to survive is only permissible if said person consents to it. I even told you what you have to do to bring my argument crashing down. Just come up with a situation where it’s okay for a person to use someone else’s body (remember, their body, not their money) against his/her will. You can even use my scenario. Under what circumstances is the two year old girl allowed to take your kidney against your wishes and without your consent? She can’t even take them when you die.

Is your mention of starvation implying that a pregnant woman who has an abortion is depriving her child in a similar way? It doesn't matter really because it is still irrelevant. The victims of torture/starvation murder cases don’t need to use anyone’s body to process their food or oxygen. The fetus is different because you can't give it food. You give the mother food. Her digestive system processes it. Her circulatory system delivers it via the placenta that her body created. Her lungs inhale the oxygen too, just in case you want to accuse women of murder by asphyxiation too.

If you needed all your food and oxygen delivered via someone else’s body, guess what; you’d need his consent. If someone wanted to use your body in this way he would need your consent. It’s basic human rights, which for some reason you think should not be afforded to pregnant women.

Well gosh I didn't know that swearing made your argument valid. I've been wasting my time with reasoning and logic. I should have just cussed for a while and called it a day!

So you don't think that fetuses should have the exact same rights as every other human being? You think that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, she should lose her rights to her own body?

For your information, I have no idea if I could have an abortion. I've never been in that situation. But I respect the right of each woman to make that decision for herself. You should too. How dare you presume to moralize these women with your narrow perspective.

"Oh wait that 2 year old doesn't need a new kidney she just needs to be put down..."
If the only way she can get a kidney is by forcing someone else to give one up, YES!!!

The truth is he lied.

How about instead we rip your intestines out?
It's exactly the same thing as your argument, forcing crippling injury on someone else because you don't like the idea that they **** for fun!!

Here's the point. It is none of your business ''why" women don't want to be pregnant because it is her RIGHT against enslavement to put an end to the enslaver, the z/e/f.
YOU, however, need to shut up if you won't accept women's right against slavery

We take people off of life support everyday and that is not murder. Taking away the life support is all an abortion is. A woman should be able to do that for any reason.

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I have just read this post and also a few comments off course we are all entitled to our opinions and people have different views and thoughts! I had an abortion on monday and i would do anythin to turn back time I was bullied into it by my family i got told if i kept the baby id never be allowed to see them again me and my boyfriend were also getting threatened for our lifes by them, i left home two days before christmas and ended up going back three weeks later after i spoke to my dad on the phone my head was all over the place I was confused, hurt, angry and felt as if i had no one to support me except my boyfriend but it was hard for him aswell as he had to leave his family since ive had the abortion i can barely look or talk to my parents guess what im trying to say is abortion does ruin lifes and if i could turn back time i would there wasn't one doctor who asked me if i was sure about what they thought was my decision! if anyone is going to get an abortion make sure its what you defiantly want because once its done its done there is no turning back!

So instead of going to the police about these 'threats against your lifes(sic)' you had a VOLUNTARY ABORTION.
1 D 10 T

The legal definition for Fetal Viability is 28 weeks. There have been many cases of a fetus being viable at 24 weeks but before 24 weeks it is almost never able to survive outside if the womb. The zygote/embryo/fetus, give not proven advantages to survival and takes nutrients from the mother. This sounds familiar. Oh that's right that is a parasitic relationship. A parasite is defined by Google as, an organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits by deriving nutrients from or at hosts expense. Now if that future baby is a living organism at conception then all pregnant women are infected with a parasite. So if killing this parasite is wrong and we shouldn't do it we should outlaw the treatment for all parasites. Now I know you don't want to discontinue treatment for all parasites but let's I believe it should be up to the host as to what to do with that parasite. And we should celebrate the people who chose to bioogically support a tapeworm just as much as one who chooses to biologically support a forming baby.

There is an enormous difference between a baby and a parasite. Mainly that a woman's body is designed "host" a fetus and provide sustenance. Highly specialized organs and tissues are used to aid the development, protection, and safety of the fetus. The relationship between the mother and the fetus is the foundation for all mammalian life. Equating a fetus to a parasitic worm is an insult to humanity and our evolution ---- Now on to my main point. The fetus is an individual and should have rights. Every fetus has the potential to become a healthy, independent human being. Abortion denies the fetus this possibility. And for what? Because the parents "aren't ready", "not enough money" etc. AKA they don't want the inconvenience of a child and they were too irresponsible to have protected sex. So, they kill their fetus and call it "abortion" so they don't feel so bad. Pro-choice advocates love to point out cases of rape, ******, or where the mother's life is endangered by the developing fetus. These are RARE. Way more often then not it's people who don't want to be bothered by a child or forgot to use a condom or take their pills, but that story doesn't quite make a compelling argument does it? ----- A fetus is a separate individual, not just a part of the mother, it should not be up to the mother to decide weather their fetus can live or not ----- Side note: Why are the fathers never considered in these decisions? Why can a woman abort her child even when the father disagrees? And if the father wants an abortion and the mother doesn't, too bad, they have to pay child support anyway; and what do we say to them? You should used protection... when you say that to a woman though your a sexist, **** shaming, bigot. **** this world... Rant over...

And YOUR body is "Designed" to host your CANCER. You are a ****-shaming-bigot.

@bitlord .... Please explain how the body is designed to host cancer. Honestly, I would love to hear it. What structures of the body exist to support cancer cell growth and prevent anything from harming them? I could make a list a mile long of structures with the sole purpose of caring for a fetus though. What a ridiculous analogy.

Easy. Unlike z/e/f, the cancer is MADE FROM YOUR OWN BODY and it is YOUR OWN TISSUE.
Can't get more 'designed to host' than that!!
Heart, lungs, pancreas, bloodstream, pituitary, all go to make a cancer grow.

Those organs are not designed to help cancer grow. They do so as a result of the cancer's existence. The uterus, placenta etc. only exist to help the fetus. Its not the same thing at all. The relationship between a mother and her fetus is a symbiosis created through millions of years of evolution. It is not a parasitic one.

Nothing was 'designed'. Evolution set it up as feedback, "good enough" the only rule.
This does not change that it is a parasite not a symbiosis, as each symbiant gains survival advantage, which is NOT what happens in pregnancy.
SHE suffers significant health degradation, and 600 a year in AMERICA, with all the 'stuff' DIE.
So, of course it is a parasite.

Designed might not be the right word I suppose, as it implies a designer, but I couldn't really think of a better word to describe it... Well considering that having children is the most important thing for any life form it is an indirect symbiosis. The mother supports the fetus, and in return gets to pass her genes onto the next generation. The advantage to the mother occurs after birth not while she's supporting the fetus.

Nope. Symbiosis is to the benefit of the SURVIVAL of both creatures. A z/e/f in no way benefits HER survival.
The genetic contribution means nothing in terms of her survival.

According to it's not limited to survival.... "The living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or parasitism." ... To get technical, a symbiosis doesn't really mean its beneficial to both parties, what we're really talking about here is a mutualism. Which defines as "A relationship between two species of organisms in which both benefit from the association." ... Nothing about survival, just that both parties benefit from the association, which is the case in pregnancy.

Enjoy your dictionary. I use the, you know, where real biologists describe the words attached to living things.


noun, plural: parasites

An organism that obtains nourishment and shelter on another organism.

From the latin parasitus from Greek parasitos (person who eats at the table of another).

See? Too easy.

Love watching you play "Stupid".
Care to try again?

We'll use that dictionary if you'd like, it really doesn't matter, it says the same thing anyway... Mutualism "A symbiotic relationship between individuals of different species in which both individuals benefit from the association." ... Its probably worth mentioning that these terms are for two different species or organisms which obviously isn't the case during pregnancy but they seem to apply here as well.... There's no mention about survival, just that it benefits.

I would also like to add how ridiculous it is to think that that dictionary is somehow superior and is what "real biologists use". You realize its a free to edit format right? Where anyone can edit and add to the dictionary. Like Wikipedia, which of course is so well known for its validity in the scientific community... Please... I'm willing to bet you only got to that site because its the first result when you Google "biology dictionary". Don't act like your some sort of authority on the subject and only use the most credible sources. Your hypocrisy is laughable.

And did you look at the membership terms?
only licensed physicians may belong and edit.
Your ignorance is laughable if it weren't deadly to real people.

You are joking right? I just made an account now and am fully able to edit, non problem. You don't need to be a licensed anything to become a member, all you need is an email address. You thought you were being so clever using a biology dictionary and it backfired. Just give it up and acknowledge your mistake... Like I said, it doesn't even matter, they all say the same thing.

Just admit it, Biologists know that a parasite can be the same species....I give you cancer as an example.

Cancer is the SAME individual. How is that a parasite? Cancer is a disease, not a parasite. An example of a parasite would be something like a tapeworm.

A cancer is an invasive mutation, with a unique DNA but entirely human.
A PARASITE which kills by blocking normal function and consuming all the body resources of the host.
As a z/e/f does for about 600 American women every year.

It matters. There is no mutual survival advantage when the z/e/f parasite infests the uterus.
Only the z/e/f benefits.
That makes it a parasite.

So I can kill people on welfare ? They are "organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits by deriving nutrients " aka money. These people are burneds on society and on the eyes so can we kill them to? At least baby's are cute to look at

No one alive is using your body against your will

Oh yeah the woman also put that "parasite" in her own body when she decided to be a ***** and take a **** in her for pleasure

The cheapness of your thoughts just show what kind of a person you are. None of the responses that are against abortion have any logic other than ranting or cuss words. You cannot even form a simple sentence without cussing and calling a woman names. What makes you think a woman is a ***** for having sex while you are a stud for having banged as many as you want? What kind of upbringing do you people have?

Oh, yeah, like sex is a crime that carries a built-in punishment.
Screw off woman-slaver

And your cancer was YOUR choice when you drove your car...Oh, wait, yes it was.

Last time I looked, pleasure is not a crime, and therefore carries NO PENALTY UNDER LAW. Antiabortion is a penalty. If not under law, then it is a crime and can be ignored.

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Really now! Hope you are never faced with a choice when the fetus will not survive or is seriously deformed. You can keep the kid and condemn it to a unpleasant life or keep to remind you of a rape.

"Take it from nature where NOTHING kills it's unborn child willingly. Only humans with their technology of death(in this case) practice this horrible act upon innocence."
-- Have you ever heard of an animal EATING it's young?? I think that is taking it from nature... and it is a lot worse than some abortions!!

" In cases of rape it's bad all around, so you're going to make it worse by killing the child. ****** is worse of course ,but this is thin ice. When it comes right down to it however, abortion is murder and murder is abortion."
-- Unless you have been a victim of rape and know that impact it has on a woman and the terror that is instilled in her... you have no right to even comment on what makes it worse or 9... NINE... months with your attackers seed in you... instead of recovering.... seriously?? You should remove this argument from your angry rant because truly you are a misguided fool to believe that you have any understanding of such an incident and judge a woman to make a judgement call that you would most likely make if the situation arose.
-- ****** creates mentally and physically disabled children. Would you seriously ask a woman to AGAIN carry her attackers child for 9 months... destroy her body even further... to raise or give a disabled child away -- whose life would only be most fulfilled if the mother raised her/him.

I understand you are totally ANGRY about abortion... and that's fine! We are entitled to our own opinions... However, your message could have been positive should you have spoken with more insight and less insult... just saying :)

Unfortunately you are wrong on nature. Most animals kill their weak and deformed young. There is a lot of misinformation passed out for argument sake that is not true.
I think folks who argue with false information is doing an injustice to those who prefer facts.

Sorry posted in wrong place.

BTW, ****** is how the Hawaiians and the Egyptians, the Toltec and the Maya bred their rulers.

RAH RAH I am an angry Man who has never been pregnant and must control other peoples lives!!

a fetus resembles what would be considered a human, yet is not. It does not have the requirements science sets forth as being human. Therefore it isn't.

I did see that video where the child was obviously alive, aware and torn apart until the head was left. I could not believe what I was seeing and thought how these women have no idea what they're doing.

That video was scientifically proven fake. Abortions at that point are illegal unless medically necessary.

Well thank Goodness!!

Yeah. It's something anti's use to make women feel bad, like this is every abortion. But most are simple. You take a pill and get your period. Medical abortions are preformed by using a vacuum. It sucks out the embryo. It's painless to the mother and fetus.

And the "aware" part is a complete fraud.

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My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. I assume I was two weeks pregnant because today I had some terrible cramps. I had a miscarriage today and I am heartbroken. The audacity you have to accuse women who seek abortions a murderer is sickening.

If abortion is murder, than God is the biggest abortionist in the universe. God took my fetus, so is he a murderer?

I think that is a lot deeper than you intended it to be...
But it completely -- 100% -- True... It makes a lot of sense and is something that my mind considers.
I am so sorry for your loss... and wish you all the best!!

people like you create all the unneeded suffering and drama in the world.

people like you make me sick

I know you weren't asking others to leave. I just meant this **** ****** me off so much that I'm tempted to go too because this place just doesn't feel the same knowing that only one side's opinion matters.

I would go too since just the whole insident with Bitlord is enough to show this site is biased except I'm in a lot of groups that have helped me with my depression and other troubles. The support is nice. I'm not even gonna **** with anything political on this site since its obvious which group gets preferential treatment.<br />
<br />
Awe well it was good to hear a man's view on abortion that doesn't take the lazy way out by saying, "I'm not a woman, I have no say." Hope this story gets to stay up.

Too bad about all those FACTS getting in the way of your woman-is-a-slave hopes!

Whoops totally noticed a typo on my comment, meant to say its fun to see you call people on THEIR bullshit. Anyways, no offense taken, I don't normally even like to talk to people in my age group for that reason. I'm glad you've been on the site for the time being, at least I know about the silent scream video and can throw it in those murderer's faces!

Oh my goodness... grow up follower!!

What did EP say to you? Don't leave EP, its great having someone like you that calls people on your bullshit!

The reason I felt like commenting on here is because I felt that this was about the only thread that had some intelligence and devotion behind it, instead of being completely religious rambling..keep up the good work, I can tell this has some power to it

True.I really didnt mean to butt in on your thread..sorry<br />
But another thing that bothers me is women get enough money around for an abortion but dont seem to have the money to buy a damn box of CONDOMS in the first place...<br />
<br />
Just sayin

Always the woman's fault... yikes... we now have to take care of the man too?? There is such a thing as BIRTH CONTROL FAILURE... you take all the precautions... well you know the rest.

Ah ok...thats another thing, they are always thinking up new ways to torture the poor baby..

Who said it's a baby?
Certainly NOT the OB/GYN who serve women and do the science of gestation.

the I Had An Abortion stories **** me off too. I cant have kids, but these women who CAN just have unprotected sex, get pregnant, then decide they dont want it anymore..its really sad to me.and another for the 3rd video, I dont think they actually do it like that..I could be wrong....

Why is it any of your business what other women put between their legs?

I am anti abortion and I just wanted to say thank you for posting those videos. I just got done watching the last one and I am still crying. It filled me with so much rage and sadness. After seeing it I can now argue with pro murderers with total confidence that I am right. Anyone who can watch that video and still think abortion is okay is a piece of **** that I don't even consider human. <br />
<br />
It also ****** me off that the "woman" who saw the ultrasound of her abortion simply never spoke of abortion again. She should be doing everything she can to share her story to prevent others from making such a horrible mistake!

The videos are a lie. i thought you read the links!

I've never seen anyone stand up for pro-life like you do, its great and I totally agree with every word you said. Though I can't bring myself to watching those videos, without a doubt they'll haunt me while i'm awake and asleep. <br />
This is deff' a post that anyone who is ok with abortion should read, if they still don't change their minds after reading and watching those videos, then they must be insane.