I Am God's Or The Universal Energy's Yo-yo.

Life has always seemed like it is too intense or not intense enough. Too intense and I am running too hard, working too hard, and wanting to screw a lot or ********** to let the energy (like in a pressure cooker) off and relax, at least for a few moments. The other side is not having enough energy and being depressed, bored, tired with little to no ambition. With both, I have never felt as if I had any control. I was God's yo-yo and pretty pissed about having to play this role in the human drama.

The only two products that helped me enough to notice were Super Blue Green Algae from Lake Klamath Oregon and Bach's Rescue Remedy. The Algae balanced me out GREAT and I actually felt good and capable for about seven years and then it went away. Poohey. I still do it because it is good stuff. I recommend this stuff. Bachs Essences quiet my moods. I never liked drugs because of their side effects.

I have noticed over the years that my attention goes out away from me. Let me explain. When nite driving, my attention seems to go to the oncoming headlights which is very tiring and I tend to want to go to sleep and do. Not good. If I am watching TV and someone comes and says something, my attention is over there and I almost don't know the person is present or speaking to me. It seems like there are many people like that. Also, I can't have a radio or TV going in a room where I am trying to write because my attention will go to the sound.

Up and down, up and down, up and down and up and down. That is our plight. When younger, there were crazy highs and excrutiating lows. I experienced God or the universal source energy as just that. The source energy which is there before everything else shows up. It is not explainable because it comes before thought. I have run into the devel and said, "bring it on". Which he did and devoured me and burned me to a crisp. That turned out to be okay because a little wisp of me, perhaps more refined, remained in the ashes. And I got from the ashes, more transparaent.

I am 64 years old now. The yo-yo's up and down movements are closer together . Much closer together. There is allmost a semblance of order and a recognition that the energy that has created and supported this life for how many ever years, supports all life. Yours, as well. The essence of who we are is that energy. And the ups and downs are merely it's play.

So holler at God if you need to or sleep your *** off. And if you try to be like 'normal' people, you are pretty much screwed. However, you are in good hands, even if it doesn't seem that way. You are just being shaped different.

Good Luck!

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Jul 12, 2010