Think I Might Be

I think I might be bipolar and I don't know what to do. I'm scared of being diagnosed and having to live differently because of it. I don't want to go my whole like having people think I'm crazy and wondering if I'll ever be happy. But I can't go on like this. I have these intense periods of depression and then they just disappear and my life is amazing. The depression has been getting worse and more frequent lately. I don't know what to do. I'm on a waiting list to see a counsellor and I've seen other counsellors in the past, but no one seems to want to help me. I feel like no one is listening and no one understands how much I am struggling.
ness89 ness89
22-25, F
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hi there ness89 me has been battleing anxeity and depression now for over 45years and me still his hi take pills dat help me to sleep at night but now me his adult baby247 and my wife been my mummy 247 it has help me alot friend if you would like to chat with me friend just get in tough withme and we can chat baby michael

finding good councler is hard some times it took me 2 years to find one but once you do it will help takes time educate your self read every thing you can about it learn about your self but you have to get the ups and downs undercontrol . when you do see the councler beforward about past counclers and what you need and want out of being there and it will help get things started in the right direction .

FACE IT!! Face your fears!! PLEASE!!! Dont do what I did and pretend nothing is wrong or remain ignorant. I strongly believe im manic-depressive, but havent been properly or officially diagnosed. <br />
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My life is pure hell! Currently im unemployed, again, starving because of no money for food, and im waiting for the police to show up with an eviction notice so I can become homeless again. I have nobody to turn to, no friends whos couches I can crash on, no family who can help. The bills are getting enormous, but oh well, not like they haven't done that before. Im seriously in debit. I weigh less than 100lbs now because of stress and lack of food. I can't get a job and if I do I can't keep one for longer than a few months. I self medicate with illegal drugs and am at risk to becoming an alcoholic again. I have a criminal record, a direct result of being homeless, which makes it that much harder to get a job or a place to live. I trashed my credit record from a combination of things and it will become nearly impossible to get another apartment because of this court ordered eviction on my credit. I have no health insurance or money to see a doctor, so I remain on the streets with my suicidal thoughts and gloomy attitude. All this and more because i'm bipolar! Isnt it wonderful?!! SO GO!!! If you have the chance to see a doctor DO IT!!

If you ARE bipolar, then getting properly diagnosed and treated will help you. You'll only continue to have problems if you avoid getting help. Being diagnosed as bipolar does not make you "crazy". No matter what you want to call it, you are suffering and need treatment, whether it's medication or therapy or both. It will help you live a more normal life.