Bipolar Do They Really Know?

I have suffered from bipolar disorder for many years now and after having electric shock therapy numerous psychiatric visits and countless amounts of medication I wonder if the experts really know what they are dealing with. I guess what I am saying is that I would like to see medical proof that I am being correctly diagnosed.
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OMG! What the hell this bipolar disorder is???


Mysticwriter, look into bioidentical hormones, I have a book by Suzanne Sommers called ageless, tremendous research there about a lot of the things you talk about. I personally like hypnosis, subliminal tapes, one of my favorites is Kelly Howell. I try to stay away from drugs, and I do believe that if it's not a hormonal inbalance, that mental illness, whether it be bi-polar or whatever is a manifestation of a person deep seated emotions. The pressure we put on ourselves has to manifest itself in some way. Research a lot, doctors are very good in emergency situations, but unles they are a progessive doctor who actually does keep up with the times and does not use the same tired and failed protocal, you are in for a difficult time.

I have been Bi polar for 8 years, I have tried everything and hate all the medicine. Since being on Lithium I have put on 125 lbs so how does that help a depressed person cope. Being this large makes all the dark days even worse. And my doctors say this is as good as it can be, and how much more pills do I need to take this week. I'm looking into electric shock but unsure if thats any better. Both my kids have moved away so I think about suicide alot.. everyone would be better off and I'm taking up to much space.

I have been on so many meds, I cant even count anymore! I was diagnosed over a period of 5 years, so I know that I am bipolar, I have had at least 10 doctors re-evaluate this. It sucks...I cant save money...and other times I pick up everything in the store, just to put it back before I get to the checkout line, sometimes I get permiscous and other times I want to get married, I lay in bed for days...and sometimes I just cant get into to bed cause Im not tired...I am one messed up individual. I can keep alive everyday, just by the hope that I can keep my 4 children safe and help them grow...although I know in my heart I am probably detrimental rather than helpful in their lives.

i totally get this one because i have been through the same thing. every med possible, doctors, hospitals, even ect. do they really know?

There is no scientific proof. The meds are worse than the problem.

I guess they are doing research on the stuff i asked about...Amblify is the drug. Thanks peeps.

you definitely have to be proactive. nowadays they have a darn pill for EVERYthing. pharmeceuticals is big business in the U.S. and, who KNOWS what else is in the food we eat (besides MSG.) i mean, are any of us as healthy as we could be? maybe we could FEEL better just by changing our diets, making sure we're getting all the vitamins, minerals and exercise our bodies (and brains) need to function efficiently and THE WAY THEY WERE SUPPOSED to function. our bodies were made perfecly. but, they're so fragile and easy to screw up. <br />
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the key is always to be proactive. do your own research. be the master of your body and mind!!! doctors are not gods. and, our ancestors used to live a LOT longer before they started using all these pesticides on our veggies and steroids in our meat!!!

I am not bipolar but have family that are they don't use any meds. Anyhow i believe what you say is true. My question is... lately i have seen alot on methamphetamine and how it permanently damages the dopamine receptors in the brain , they diagnose these people with bipolar as a result of this drug. Is there a possible connection to these receptors for people who don't use that drug and are bipolar ?

it's possible. although i've known many very caring and compassionate psychiatrists, some seem to be so focused on just the bottom line and dealing the prescriptions they're paid to endorse. bipolar disorder has become sort of "trendy" lately diagnosis wise. denial is a common part of coming to terms with the illness, but if you have doubts you should definitely discuss them. <br />
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but first think back, has it ever interfered with your life? shopping sprees? promiscuous sex? too many thoughts to even understand? the dark dark depressions?

Oh and Emerald if someone diagnoses you in 10 min. your right that is def. not long enough to know that is accurate.

Alot of it I have found is trial and error. I was first dx as borderline and they eventually came to an agreement that i am also bi polar 2. Im currently taking 250mg of lamictal which isn't doing it (lithium did but messed up my thyroid) and i take seroquil to sleep and lexapro. Im currently on a crash spiral of craziness. A week or two ago i was flying high. What a world, but BP disorder really has cut and dried criteria to be met as a diagnosis. On the other hand a frequently miss diagnosed disorder is borderline personality disorder. From my studies on BP disorder it is really hard to misdiagnose. Check out this web site called<br />
It is a web site dedicated to people w/ mental disorders, mainly BP though. It is very informative where you can collaberate w/ others on drugs, hollistic therepy and symptoms. Hope this helps. :)

I'm also wondering how many females get misdiagnosed because the doc spent 10 minutes w/ them at a moment of hysteria and labeled them Bipolar. I'm wondering how much is really hormone problems. Or how much do hormones affect a truely diagnosed Bipolar. I can tell you there are new studies showing that if you face more depression SHLUMPS in the winter- get more Vitamin D. Alot of times we get the amount we need in summer because of the sun, but not winter. This might help if you find yerself fighting depression more during this time of year!

Ha HA hAAA!!! Proof???? Sometimes I wonder if we've come much further than the archaic times when people were given lebotomies because they were really just depressed.....or, when they burned women at the stake for being witches! I don't think there is such a proof! But, I DO believe that they could be doing a LOT more research. I mean, I've seen scans of brains that were supposedly depressed, then manic. There is a marked difference in brain activity during both moods. But, what's really causing the mood changes? I've never understood how an outside event can trigger a mood swing (like the death of a loved one or falling in love, etc., etc.) How did they EVER determine that these events caused physiological changes in the brain? Who knows? After 5+ years of medication and one attempted suicide (which, I believe was caused by seraquel), I've come to the conclusion that my health is ultimately in my hands. I MUST learn to manage my "mood swings" no matter how difficult it becomes. I'm about ready to quit eating store-bought food, too...ever since I found out the truth about MSG. You's supposed to be a flavor-enhancer for foods. But, did you know that they would up reMOVING MSG from baby foods because they found out that MSG doesn't really enhance the flavor of ANYTHING!!! What it really does is ALTER YOUR BRAIN CHEMISTRY to make you THINK the food tastes better!!!!! Who the hell knows what causes what anymore and what helps who? Some days, it's so ******* hard for me to stay alive and, lately I've been thinking that maybe I need to check myself into a hospital. But, I refuse. I don't trust those damn doctors. There's no one better to trust but myself and God.

Medication helps and is needed. I've had the same viewpoint as you for six years. We're destroying our lives staying unmedicated. It's been hard for me to stay alive too and with no real good reason for it. I've seen people with twice as many problems being ten times happier than me. We have disrupted emotional brain chemistry. We can either fix it and face it or continue to live life dead inside.