Getting Help Is A Tougher First Step Than People Think

"Are you suicidal?". No. "Are you homicidal?". No. "Ok. We can get you an assessment, and then an appointment with the doctor in about a month". How frustrating is that? Have any of you ever heard this line of bullshit? I know I have, and I know others that have heard the same thing. They say to get help, that you don't have to live as a prisoner of your own mind. Then they tell you that they can't help you unless you are a risk to yourself or others. It's not their fault. The counselors, social workers, and psychiatrists get into this line of work so they can help people. No, the problem lies much higher on the proverbial totem pole. Yes, that's right. As with everything else in our society it comes down to funding. The politicians don't allocate nearly enough funds to combat mental illness. Don't you think that if there was more help for the mentally ill to be functionable and productive in the work force that it could potentially boost the economy just a fuzz? I think so. I had to go to the emergency room 5 times, finally lie and say I was suicidal just to get any attention. Ridiculous I say. Getting help is a lot harder than it sounds.
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I's all about money. Even if you need help, when your insurance stops paying, they send you on your way. My sister has attempted suicide 3x in the last 18 mos and has physically attacked our younger sister on two occasions. Every time she is admitted into the hospital, they keep for the mandated observation period and send her home. She keeps reaching out for help, yet it seems that the mental health professionals don't really care...or, like you say, perhaps it's the system that doesn't care.

I can feel your frusration. Once, years ago, I had packed a small over night bag to bring with me to the E.R., and a nurse made a comment that I could not stay there just because I was homeless. I had my own home, was employed with insurance!!!! Because I was not suicidal/ alcoholic/drug addict could not be admitted to their dual-diagnosis unit. What the F!!!<br />
Keep your chin up.

Thanks! I'm starting to do well now, snapping out of it or the meds are helping, or both. But the system is so screwed it isnt even funny