Great Web Site.

For all of you BP's or w/ any other mental illness check out this web site and sign up. It provides outstanding support and information on all your questions and needs. Not to mention friends that share your unique situation. I stumbled upon them and have been very thankfull!!
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I totally agree with Lost27 Mental illnesses including Bipolar disorder has been around since the beginning of time I have do a lot of research on mental illnesses and as to the website it does seem to be a great place to go to when in need of support and for me to gather information that I as a Bipolar have not experienced yet I write about everything I learn and find it helps in whatever mood I am in either manic or depressed Thanks for the information I will visit this website again I hope we can share each others experiences on this website

Although there may be truth to that, I was diagnosed by a military community where there are no ties to money or any other dishonest intent. They get paid the same either way. <br />
There is a scale that regular mood swings fall under and BP entails much more than mood swings. <br />
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Im sure there are many unethical providers who practice to earn money but it isn't the majority of our population. It would be sad to run into that situation. <br />
The diagnosed bp stands out (to put it short) beacause they typically have a harder time functioning in every day life and holding jobs than the rest of the world. Meds do help some people to an extent and they keep many at an operational level so they can provide for their families.

I doubt there is actually such an illness as everyone has mood swings as it is natural. If you do not have mood swings then you have a mental illness. Doctors will tell you anything to sell you drugs and get you hooked on them to get your money. It is a scam. Half of the illness they say people have they invent as the doctors and the drug companies conspire to find ways to make money and if they were to tell the truth they would be out of business. Take it from an old ex-cop who investigated scams and scammers for years.