Sometimes Im Up Sometimes Im Down

 i was diagnosed about  2 yrs ago with bipolar 1  but ive always said i had it ....  my symptoms as of right now are mainly irritability but i blame that on being a single mother of two kids under the age of five ...  my son's father is amazing ... while my exhusband is the lowest bottom feeder ive ever met in my life  its been well over a yr since he has even seen Gracie .... 

my symptoms vary from sleeping to much to not enough .

eating alot or thinking im over weight because i have distorted thoughts ...

 my residual symptoms * the ones that never leave *  are paranoia ,

I have a WRAP plan that i use sometimes probably not as much as i should but im pretty much med compliant right now ... it does tend to be a problem from time to time ...   i keep myself on a pretty stable routine and i try to eat at least two meals a day ....  i attend group therapy once a week .. have  2 case managers and a therapist i see bi weekly ....  currently im taking 125 mg  of seroquel a day and 50 mg of lamictal a day and moving up to 100 this friday ... my mom says the lamictal is making me  more irritable  i think the dose just isnt high enough ...  plus there is alot of stimulation here and i dont do well with that ... plus my kids dont listen as well here ..and gracie has been off the hook today .. so im off to write in my blog do my bible study and head to bed !!!!

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2007

i am so depressed... i've been dealing with severe depression for 13 years. I've tried medications and I am currently without, I have no insurance to help.. it's embarrassing.. I work in a professional office and I am good at my job but my depression is so bad that I can hardly get to work.. I have worked so many places because it gets too much and I quit... All I want to do is sleep.. I force myself to work and some days I dont get any work done at all - I am really not wanting to go on disability but I think that is my next plan of action. I dont know how much longer I can take myself.. I am very annoyed with how i feel and how long it goes on... I really wish i was dead.

Lamictal is wonderful...I am on 200mg currently but the dose had to be upped before it would really work, but now it really helps.

I have been taking Lamictal for 4 years now and I find it to be the best mood stabilizer that I've been on. I take 300mg a day (just came down from 400mg) and I find it very very very helpful. I also take Seroquil and that does wonders for my irritability. Hang in there....