Me And My Moods And Names

Me and my moods and names Just posted comments on facebook under the name of wena indlovu so everybody friends anyway know who I am my best friend wena who is actually me So I made some new friends or should I say wena did and had fun doing so My blogs are going way up over the top of the cycle My cycles now have periods of normalcy in between the highs and lows not that long but long enough for me to take care of business I learned this through emailing my brother he keeps them all and can tell me if I do not see it what my mood is My emails are a lot like hypergraphia yesterday I wrote 5 so I have to cut down and let him have a rest He writes also so I cannot not take Hume away from all of the things he is into which is a lot in the community Anyway my mood is pretty good the moon was full so now on a down period and it is a good thing no more spending of money had to close a cd in order to have money for the rest of the month If I get too down do not know what to do I do not want therapy does nothing for me except make me angry tried it did not do well so I am on my own no antidepressants or anything just have to do what I can to keep living bipolar This is really a devastating disorder but it is one of the best to have my blogs and house can attest to that I have talents so I do not really know if the creativity comes from being bipolar especially not stable but there it is I do languages when I am in the mood I write I decorate my dressing is improved when II am high sometimes it is just too much to even try to get dressed decently Life goes around in cycles and the highs come with the lows so that is the way I look at it now Nothing can be done at this time so I will continue to have mood swings and just have to learn to live with it so for now it is bymypoles
bymypoles bymypoles
May 9, 2012