I Dont Have The Diagnosis Of Bipolar But

i did have it as a kid but i think i was misdiagnosed. anyway i just wanted to say. i am depressed alot and i got told councilling will help so i will try. my pdoc doesnt want to diagnose me with bipolar, even tho i was misdiagnosed with it when i was a kid. now 4 years ago they tried to take me off one of my meds. (i am currently on zyprexa, zoloft, ativan.) the med they tried to wean me off of was zyprexa and when they took me off of it i literally went psychotic with delusions and paranoia. i thought my parents were trying to kill me for my money. i questioned my pdoc why that happened and he said he didnt know so i got mad and wanted a second opinion but that didnt work out because he got annoyed i was seeing another pdoc when he was the one to tell me i could get a second opinion. grrr. anway but to the important part. is it strange to think certain people are bipolar when they rub you the wrong way? because whenever i get into fights with people i somehow seem in my mind to think sometimes they are bipolar. and i am confused, he said i have mood swings but not bipolar like? i am confused.
futuregohangurl futuregohangurl
May 19, 2012