I Needed to Learn

I have two friends that suffer this condition.

When I made friends with the first she didn't let on about her condition though I knew something was not right so I did some research. I had a talk with her mother who confirmed it was BD.

I've some very scary moments with her in the past as a result of not being careful with her medication. She is much better now. Her B/F of just over 12 months has also learnt of the danger signs.

My other friend is OK with it now.

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balboaguy, so true. That makes it even more difficult for the doctor to ascertain the correct dosage.

Sad part is the meds make them feel so good that they no longer believe they need them and just stop taking them.<br />
Naomi has a friend she keeps a close watch upon.

Thank you joywish, they are. I found it a great help to get advice from professionals. In Australia we have Beyond Blue, I also have a personal friend on hand. It can be too big an issue to deal with safely on your own.<br />
<br />
I'll never know all there is to know.

Yeah, sometimes you need to pull back. Her B/F has found that and has thrown his hands, but has stuck by her. Sometimes he needs more support than she does.

Watch closely but keep your distance.<br />
It is a game of cat and mouse it seems.<br />
BP is a very hard thing to understand or to comprehend for most. It is an emotional roller coaster ride that will make you wanna throw your hands up and scream sometimes.

Generally they are very warm friendly and happy people. As they cycle into a depressed phase things aren't so good. This is a difficult time for those around them as they need their space to work it through, those that care are never sure how much space to give them if there is a history of self harm.

So sad... though i dont need what BD exactly is. Hope their lives are happy :)