This Sucks.........

well i was told i was bi-polar 2 years ago bc i tried to kill myself and while everyone around me who saw the cut cried i laughed it off as nothing had happened well i went to a mental hospital for i think about a month i know i was in there for my swet 16 bday which sucked even more well while i was in there i guess i confessed to being overly depressed bc i had an abusive bf i failed my 10th grade year i could sleep at night maybe 30 minutes a night at the most umm docter put me on these medications


abilify, kemmidrin. depakote, litthium, folic acid, foclin,


to come to find out i didnt know why they put me on so much or so many medications so i asked the said i had...


bi-polar diorder, post tramatic stress disorder, adhd.


well everything was going fine till one day i couldnt stop throwing up and this went on throwing up every day more than 3 times a day for a year and then some well as that year and some passed i noticed i only got sick when i was taking the medicine apperantlty they overdosed me and i told them i was sick but they kept telling me i was depressed and added more medication...



has anyone had this happen to them you suddenly got sick???

Mademoiselle Mademoiselle
18-21, F
Jul 7, 2008