Was That Me?

I know all about phucking up....about finding faith
I'm number one at making mistakes
I believe in karma
Because she's hit me right in the face.
I certainly can't say I've never committed a sin
I have seen the wrath of God, He can be scary when He's pissed
He's given me time to sit and think about my life
Who I've been, who I've hurt along the way
Because I had to be proud, strutting my strength
My need to control became something to sedate
My desire to fight became a desire not to hate.

It's a struggle, I'll admit
But I just keep reminding myself that it will all be worthwhile
Sometimes I look back, and I don't like what I see
I think to myself, 'Oh my God, was that me?!?!?'
And I still do these things I shouldn't do from time to time
But I know it's because I'm fighting my greatest trial -
To overcome myself before I die.

MP 2012
spygirl1978 spygirl1978
31-35, F
Nov 26, 2012