Invisible Driving - a Memoir of Manic Depression

After many years of working on it, I've finally published Invisible Driving, my unprecedented memoir of Manic Depression.  I say unprecedented because I do the impossible, I take readers inside the experience of a Manic episode while offering a recovered context to make it understandable.  My name is Alistair McHarg, and the book is available on Amazon.  To read 4 sample chapters, just visit my website - - there's other fun stuff there besides.  The book is wildly entertaining, funny, and scary - most of all it's honest.  It is my modest contribution to those who suffer, their families and friends, and anyone else who has a need to understand this bizarre and terrifying illness.   
ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
1 Response Jun 18, 2007

hi do u think it wld help me?