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I'm getting more experienced with the mania side and seeing how it effects my behavior and attitude.
Mania is a high that skews my judgement. I think I can do things that aren't realistic. I start setting goals that are beyond my reach. I feel like the normal rules dont apply to me just others. I don't realize at first that I was acting above the rules - like I can do the impossible. Also I get so high I start looking down at others and being judgmental and insensitive- like "just be super! Like me! See!"

Think of it- maybe most the world is bipolar - it would explain allot :/
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How were you able to see that your mania skews your judgment? I am fascinated by that. My sister is bipolar and in a manic state she always believes that she is perfectly rational, and there is no way to reason with her. I wish she had your self-awareness. That would be so helpful. I truly admire your insight.

I've had more depression than mania,
So mania was a stark contrast in me.
Even so it was hard to see because when I was manic I was happy & I didn't want to see anything wrong with it because "darn-it, at least I'm not in bed crying-don't make me go back to that just cus y'll think I'm unreasonable!" You see? A bi-polar is grasping to hold on to the high because they are so afraid of falling back down into that horrible pit of depression.
It was impossible to see it first. It took years of gradually getting more balanced (medication was part of that but not everything) and gradually becoming more stable.
Gaining some confidence & accepting myself made me less afraid to look at my behavior. Then I was able to compare my stable times with my moody times & see the difference.

Being open to accept limitations knowing that the truth will help more than hurt.

It took years of counseling and quitting counseling and experiences and going into denial and a lot of journaling & finally facing reality of who I am.

Love helps :)

Thank you so much for your response! You are incredibly articulate. Best wishes to you always. :)

great explanation! me too!

I have had bipolar disorder as long as I can remember. I has episodes of mania through high school and physically pushed myself way beyond my limits with soccer. Then, I hit a major stress episode when I thought I was in love with the man who molested me. I told all my christian friends at the time and they blamed it on me not "living pure" even though I chose to be abstinent until marriage. It was and is very difficult to deal with. Do you have bipolar disorder too?

I do

My husband has bi-polar and is on medication for it, which has stabilised his mood. He now sleeps much better and doesn't get so angry. But he really misses the mania, and in a way, so do I, as he got a lot done and was super sexy.


Yeah, gotta dig that mania!

And if i dont straighten our current insurance glitch im gonna get super-sexy!! Or so in debt :(

I am all for therapy, but the patient has to be willing to do it. :(

Capital letters look like shouting . . . .can you keep the noise down?

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I found mania to help me exercise. Also lots of shopping. When mania is over I am sad


You can control it, do you know that? Working on the psicological side

How? Share

Haha...you sound like my boss....ah..your not are you?

I'm on the down side for the last couple of days. Hard to even get out of bed. Manic side is better for me, I get more done.

Please don't give up. Other people may treat us like freaks, we may not understand what is going on, we may not have answers all the time-- but at least we know we're not the only ones.

I know how difficult it is! I was the highest i had ever been right before I had my darkest maniac low. My friends and family abandoned me. They couldn't have me around to scar their social image.

The emotions may be crazy. Understanding may be impossible (even within ourselves) sometimes but we have hope. Our hope is that we are not alone.

No, don't say that. You may feel alone but you are never alone.

I don't know what that means but trust me... you are here for a reason.