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Bipolar disorder......Sometimes, I think it's all a bunch of malarky!  I mean, I've done a little studying of physics....we are ALL dual in nature...all the way down to our atomic and nuclear structure!!  Atoms don't fall apart because they are made up of opposing forces.  It is the actual opposition of those forces that keeps the atom together!  Think about that! Think about the fact that the ONLY thing that makes light possible is the infinite transformation of electric waves to magnetic waves.  One creates the other and light would NOT exist without both.  Think about how magnetism works.  Opposites.  Everywhere we look, no matter how deep and probing the microscope, or how powerful the telescope, there are opposites holding stuff together!  AND!  No matter how much we "discover" or "learn," all scientific roads (essentially) have the same ending:  MYSTERY!  Einstein, himself even said as much.  He was such a friggin GENIUS because he understood that, not because his giant shoulders support the scientific world with his theories on special and general relativity!  Shakespeare understood it, too.  That's why all of his plays mirrored their real counterparts (people and situations.)  You could put all of Shakespeare's plays together and they would all tell one, neverending story...together.

Anyway, I don't think I'm REALLY that different than everyone else!  We all exist because of opposite poles.  I just think I'm more intense....I don't mind being on both poles, at the same time.  I just don't ignore that I am both.  I just don't try to FORCE myself to be one or the other.

I just am.

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I must add what Aristotle would say: The mean between two ends is best. It concludes harmony of the mind. I am Bi-Polar and I believe many people agree with this particular statement done by Aristotle and thats why their are medicines out there. I also love physics too and know about quantum mechanics and its bizarre world, it is indeed, crazy.

I think the medication is actually very hurtful.

very true, Mystic Writer. everyting that exists depends on duality. the perceiver and the perceived. the perciever has every say in what he is perceiving. i like the later comment of bringing unhappy people into your own pot of happiness. evey passing moment has a positive side to it that can perceived by you, you have control. its just when the perceiver is bipolar like me, and all the other perceivers around you start perceiving that your flipping out, you need to realize that you have a condition and should probably take meds so that you can keep a job and fucntion with the rest of society. (when i say you i really mean me). i'm new to this experience project and i'm glad i found others with whom to share (and healthy, too). peace

So true, Mystic Writer. I would recommend reading up - are there any good books on the subject available out there? I just feel like so little is known - and if only people could read a book that really took them inside the experience of mania - some of the stigma would go away. But hey, that's just me - the perpetual optimist.<br />
<br />
Actually, I think the v-tech tragedy might stir up some long overdue discussion about the value of "preventative health care" - mental health care BEFORE the disaster.

by the way....has anyone noted the significance of the "negative-comment-leaver's" name??? <br />
maybe we should take the initiative and be the ones to take the high road....after all, we're all here to help and be helped. do you guys really think simples visited the bi-polar group just because she thinks we're all fruitcakes???

lmao!!!! i like what tutti said!!! better watch out!!! we might come and "verbally abuse" you!!!!! i, too, have been impacted by the stigma attached to mental illness... but, some people are happy remaining ignorant. some people don't really want to know the truth. some people feel safe in the cocoon of their narrow minds. so, simples thinks we're all fruitcakes....who knows where that statement is coming from? it could be his/her blissful ignorance poking through or it could be scar tissue evidencing itself from some past wrong done to him/her.<br />
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at any rate WE ALL GOTTA STICK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! it's up to us to try and crush the stigma. believe me, since that (bi-polar) korean kid shot up v-tech, mental illness is gonna start getting a LOT more attention and i can BET none of it is gonna be positive.

In my little program named after a type of battery they say, "If somebody wrongs you, pray for the b*st*rd."

I know a dog that bit a mailman, therefore - all dogs are vicious. Simples, if you are going to compete in this arena, you are going to have to dig a lot deeper and work a lot harder. I've been called far worse than fruitcake - by myself, by friends, by family, by cops, by employers, by mental health professionals - ill-informed insults roll off me like water off a duck's back. I am used to society's fear of mental illness, and society attacks what it fears. This is old, tired ground for me. -- Frankly, I'm concerned about YOU. Stupid, snarky comments like this about a sensitive subject make you appear loathesome, idiotic, and insensitive. This is likely to make it difficult for you down the road as you attempt to make friends on EP. Have a great day!

Mystic writer is one intelligent person.<br />
You should write a book on the theme about bi-polar and share it with the bi-polar community because it would really help a lot of people. I personally have chosen not to be diagnosed with the 'condition' even though my doctor said he saw early signs of bi-polar in me I don't want to down that road. My sister has been in and out of hospital for years and years in the care of doctors and psychiatrists and I have watched helplessly as her life has been destroyed by it all. She now has lost the custody of all three children, and she has cut off all contact with me because she thinks I have a great life and my children are still with me. She can't bear it and only wants to talk to her friend who also has 'severe' bi-polar. I have tried to help her so many times in her life and she has now rejected me even though we made a pact that no matter whatever happened we would still be close and there for each other. She won't take on board what a loss I feel about losing my nephews and niece and her too. All she has to do is tow the line if she cares so much about her children why is she running around with her friends husband and won't talk about it? Not even to my her/my mother? Sometimes I feel I don't care about her anymore and she brought it on herself, and this makes me feel guilty for even thinking that. She is angry about everything and about being abused as a child. It happened to me too and I live with the fact every day but i don't let it rule my life. There are so many positive things in life to focus on, there is no point in dredging up the past especially if it is painful. I just focus on what I can do about the future with as much love and caring as i can muster up in any one day. Yeah you have down days and up days but as Mystic writer says if you draw on the universe the universe will give back to you. Choose you friends, don't let them choose you, and be kind to everybody, because everybody is sensitive and has feelings whether they show them or not. There are so many unhappy people in the world, why jump into that pot? Try pulling them into your pot of happiness and joy.<br />
Thank you for helping to bring these words out of me because they're from my heart and need to be said. <br />
I hope my sister will read this if she ever gets the internet (which I've tried to encourage her to do). But she has problems focusing on anything for very long. I just feel sad about it and i don't even have any money to try and go visit her, and she probably wouldn't see me if I did. <br />
Sorry about all this bit I had to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening.