Philippines: do many pinay have secret Pinoy boyfriends when they date foreign men?
Asked by Ninja7805 on 2012-11-06T18:07:11-05:00
Is it common for the Filipina to have a filipino boyfriend, or even a filipino husband, while they date an unsuspecting foreign man? I've heard stories of foreigners going over to the Philippines to meet their girlfriends, and then she introduces her family to him.. She even lets her boyfriend meet her brother, who is in secret actually her boyfriend. Why do they do this? Are all the family in on it or is it just the opportunistic mentality of the Filipina?

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Answered by Thinair on 2012-11-06T22:10:18-05:00
Kev, you never stop whinging about your wife having an affair behind your back . Her secret boyfriend has been introduce to you as her cousin.
According to you, you have a twin last 2005 with her ,then one night, the horny aswang jumped in the roof and salivating. Your mother in-law & wife were both scared and have a goose bump.
Then you said that your daughter has been sexually molested by her cousin, in closed door kissing her lips and would like to sue him. probably that cousin is her boyfriend. How true is that?.
Your story is exceptional, but don't generalize that Pinays who are going out with foreigner always have secret affair with someone else. This situation depends to the person and circumstances.
In my opinion, you only want to get your kids from her. Even she live in England, you can not get the custody of your kids because they are underage. So you have to wait for the right age for the kids to decide to choose. You can accuse her on anything that you can't proved.
Long distance relationships doesn't work because it is more emotional & psychological shield with mistrust, insecurities, suspicions, jealousy, misunderstanding etc.. . Do you think she does not feel the same way about you or any suspicion in your activities. She is trying to hurt you so you will stay with her so the family will be complete.
Both of you are not really open to each other and has communication barrier & cultural problem which in most cases the pitfalls of marrying someone outside your race.
In the end , you have to blame yourself. You should know her very well before marrying this woman, a problem that she can't leave her family and would prefer to stay in Philippines . You should know that it is not you, and not your preference for a partner. On that point , you should find someone who will go with you anywhere you want to live.
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Answered by SpamlessSam on 2012-11-08T09:29:49-05:00
not only some filipina women have multiple boyfriends, and lie about this, but so do other women as well, if you watch western TV, you will see this as a common theme; i would estimate that maybe less than 10% of filipina women play this game, while over 50% of american, british, western women do.
this is another good reason for an american guy to slow down, be patient, and get to know the family and friends before getting serious about marriage. over time, some relatve or neighbor will let slip the truth about your filipina 'dream boat' and then you will have judged better, with more of the facts.
Answered by Hiverprintemps on 2012-11-07T11:50:27-05:00
Yes some does, and the boyfriend is connivance for the sake of money. He and she are both perverted and vicious. I always warned the white men about this. Many women in Visaya function with money, not on morals. That's an old ways of life. White women are beginning to realize the consequences of their act so they keep their morals to certain standards while filipinos are just starting to discover a debauch life so they indulge themselves to the peak. Once they wake up into reality it's too late, they already contracted the most deadly sicknesses.
Answered by Max on 2012-11-07T06:26:22-05:00
Men are not the only ones who cheat on their wives. Many wives also cheat on their husbands.The Philippines is not the only place where wives cheat.
Many wives and G/Fs of military men who are deployed away from home have wives and G/Fs who cheat.
This is nothing new. Maybe because it happened to you it is.
Answered by ChubDevil on 2012-11-07T03:19:43-05:00
Well yes, It exist not just in the Philippines but in every 3rd world countries.
But to answer your question. This is mainly because of poverty.
Some Pinays really do great lengths to find a big fish to get a better life. Well ask yourself this why are you looking for a pinay you've never met before anyway? Desperate to find a nanny?
Please don't cry boohoo. Its your fault not evaluating their intentions.
Answered by Luke M on 2012-11-07T04:27:38-05:00
From what I have experienced-yes they all have a bf or husband.It has happened to me 3 times-100% strike rate.Ive had 3 filipina gf"s and its just a carbon copy each time.Yes,the whole family are in on the scam-they all know whats going on.I love the people there but its just all about $$$$.
Answered by Dennis on 2012-11-06T18:14:04-05:00
It would depend on how carefully you chose a Filipina to date or marry. You dont just rush to the alter or to buy a wedding ring after an internet romance. Only a very naive dumbfk would do this. Are you one of them? Do you now doubt your choice? Have you regrets? Who do you blame but yourself.
Answered by The Black Goku on 2012-11-06T18:52:05-05:00
Some of them do. I've heard stories about this. They do this because they are only using the foreigner for money and/or a green card to escape their impoverished life.
Answered by Bhuwisit on 2012-11-06T18:26:49-05:00
No. This condition only exists for pinays who are professional scammers preying on socially inept, desperate or otherwise gullible foreign men. Most other men would see a "pro" a mile away--but not these guys.
Answered by Arthur on 2012-11-06T20:39:40-05:00
desperate to come to america
Answered by Jake on 2012-11-06T22:30:12-05:00
THINAIR said it all, nothing more to add.
Good Luck next time you choose to have a long distance love relationship
Answered by Nicole on 2012-11-06T20:39:10-05:00
Uhm no. They have 2 Foreign Bfs
Answered by Backpack on 2012-11-06T22:33:03-05:00
Get rid of your wife and get yourself a life

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mel97 mel97
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2013

Hey..I'm a Filipina but I'm not hurt after I read you're story.It really happens..and it's realy embarrassing to think that some Filipina women marries or have relationship to foreign man just because it's more convenient to live in the states than here and also just to have money to support their vices.But don't generalize it and please don't be too harsh on judging us,cause it's not just Filipinas who does this wretched things.It happens in other countries too.It's really up to the person if he/she would give in.I myself is in a 2 year relationship with a foreign man who lives in California and,there's NO MONEY involved.I never had any other affair here.He'll come see me on April,I just wish we'd work out cause he's really a wonderful man who respects and love me dearly as i love him too.See..u can love and be loved by a person without involving money!He did offered some help for me and told me to just ask if I needed it but I never did cause I don't want to loose his trust.He is a wise man,because he said he wouldn't go this far if he wasn't sure and he's right.Just in case we don't work out,I'd still want him to be my friend cause I don't want to loose such a wonderful man.All I'm saying is,you just have to be vigilant in choosing whom you trust or love cause if you fail in the end,you got nothing left to blame but your own self.:)

Yeah that's right.....because i love also my american boyfriend just some other is different but not all....

I hope your Cali man visited you and took you to California. God bless you!