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Hello all! Had a quick question. First off, let me say that when I was 6, I had a very traumatic experience (my father attempted suicide in front of me). From that day forth, I have been able to see, hear, and contact dark entities. Specifically one "Man" in particular. However, these past couple years, it has become much harder for me to see and contact them and I was wondering how I might be able to make it to where I have the abilities like I used to when I was younger. Now, let me clarify something here.....I guess I shouldn't say they just appeared. I remember one day specifically that I asked for help. After that....that's when they came. More like "he" finally came. Things started to happen in my world that was unexplainable. In second grade, I used to sit in the hallways of my school alone (I had no friends) and He would appear. I remember the first encounter with him. It was one of those days when I was sitting in the hallways alone and it was very quiet. Almost unreal. And there he was, at the end of the hallway. From afar, he looked like a very tall black figure, and when he started to walk towards me, I could start to see him clearly. (I will not tell you what he looked like because you all will probably not believe me.) He stopped about 4 feet away from me. I was not scared of him even though he looked quite dangerous and scary. I felt curious and hopeful for once. At that moment he left. That was not the last time I saw him. Plenty more things would come my way that my mother never believed. Until one night.....
I was sitting on the bottom of my red bunk bed. I was very very angry at something. Very mad. I had two quarters between my index and thumb, I was squishing them together (head on head) and rubbing them together in circles. I was doing that for about 2-3 mins when out of nowhere, a drop of blood fell onto my thumb and index finger, then another, and another. I checked my nose to see if I was bleeding. I checked my eyes, my ears, my face, my blood. That's when I looked up. And there it was. Leaking from the top bunk mattress was a nice sized amount of blood. I ran to the bathroom to show my mom the 3 drops of blood on my hands and she figured I was having a bloody nose. But when I pulled her to my room and showed her the blood, she freaked out. That was when she put me into therapy for the first time.
The therapist would make me draw pictures of what I always saw. The only one I remember drawing all the time was that "man." She also made me play with puppets. Other than that I don't remember anything else we did. 
I had been in therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy all the way up till I was 16 for many different reasons. And in between all those years, I have had many entities follow me around. And for that reason, I was always considered the crazy weird kid in school. Because I would always be talking to someone that "wasn't there." It was always either the "man", or visits from other entities, specifically children. 
Anyways, I have had the same "man" follow me throughout my life. However, since I can no longer see him and can only feel when he is here, it's harder to communicate. I miss that. And I guess what I'm asking is for some advice on how to reopen that part of myself more. Please do not call me crazy and tell me that I need some psychiatric help. Been there, done that, and where has it gotten me? Exactly. Just need a little help from someone who understands, believes, and accepts my experience. 
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I'm so sorry about your dad. But I just need to know. You said you asked for help ? Did you say from who? God is always there for you hen no one else is. He loves you and he sees everything you go through. And he says that you may struggle on earth for a while but after that. If you believe in him and accept him into your life you will have everlasting life and happiness. I do honestly believe that you saw these things. And I don't think you're crazy at all. But I don't think the things you saw we're there for a good reason. Please just leave them alone. You don't need that in your life trust me. Good luck ❤

BTW, good luck.

there are many ways you can allow yourself to be open to those experiences again. BUT , I would not want to channel THE MAN again. Why would you want to introduce him into your life again ? The children that visited you......did they have dark eyes or no eyes at all? Or wer they ghost like children, friendly ones ? The children in black are not good entities.

What did the man look like ? I would like to hear about him. You are not crazy, just a bit more sensitive than others.

Well, the children didn't look evil. They just looked lost. Like they need to talk to me, like they needed my help. The man looked like a very tall dark man. all black, except for his red eyes, and flames would always be coming from what looked like the ground but i'm not sure, they almosst surrounded him. his black cape followed behind him a little. yes, he looked scary....but he never scared me. and he is with me to this day. when i was explaining these characteristics to my boyfriend, he explained to me that it sounds like Samael. The archangel. i'm not sure. i dont know. but yeah, thats what he looked like.

I am not aware of any archangels looking like Satan.
I would not try to summon him again if I were you.
I might try to summon Jesus or my Guides and ask for protection, but not him.

Search for psychics, empaths, etc.... on EP and read some of the stories and their profiles. There are many that could give you more insight than myself and perhaps even give you a free reading. Dream Moods is a dream forum and there are a few on there that could help you out as well. Stay safe and good luck.

thank you so much! :))

Wow! That's so interesting. Maybe youkre just more closed off now than you were when you were younger. I would suggest doing a sort of spell that sends your intentions out. try to connect with the man and let him know you want to connect again. Good luck!