When Will It Stop

The hour passes as another lite bulb blows its getting darker as it gets closer.

i know iv pissed of the spirit but my curiosity is to much to stop,the chill in the air is torment but i keep goin,

the rage within her is such it suffocates me,i struggle to breath then i pass out..

when i awake the room is pitch black ther is not breath of air i struggle to breath but its difficult,
i decide to try and help her the spirit i hav to know more,i manage to stand up and walk out of the room
into mine own.

i close of my mind to all around me all her torment all her pain i ask for my spirit guide to help me,
together we calm her down enouf to talk with her,

the rage is amazing i feel it within me buildin up she wants to be free she wants to know why he has her trapped..

she dosn know shes dead and cant except it..

after half n hour she begins to show me wot  happened,her death was accidental suicide..

i see her last moments of life i watch her playin then falling breakin her neck.

shes trapped and scared,.

i help her throu it and find the lite for her(Abigale)

after she leavs im left with all her rage/hate/pain and sadness i find myself walkin towards the very place she deid
then before i get to walk away im pushed over,.

it feels like im falling forever then i hit the rocks i taste blood in my mouth and know now im dead.

i stand up and look at my life less body,then im grabbed and pulled backwards its Abigale
she hasn left she just tricked me and led me to this death..

now we are trapped in this hell never to escape never to tell the truth everyone will think it was suicide..
emovamp emovamp
18-21, M
Aug 2, 2010