The Genocide (graphic Photos..)

I Only became aware of this subject late last year after watching the film 'Hotel Rwanda' On the TV. I cried ... a lot! And was completely stunned when my mum informed me that it was based on a true story! I was not only shocked at how such a disgraceful act of man could have happened but that it had only happened in 1994 and i had never heard about it!

Anyway after the film i researched  and what i read really disturbed me...

 The Rwandan Genocide was in 1994 It was a mass killing of hundreds of thousands of Rwandas's Tutsis and Hutu. Men woman and even children.Out of a population of 7.3 million people - 84% of whom where Hutu, 15% Tutsi and 1% Twa - the official figures published by the Rwandan government estimated the number of victims of the genocide to 1,174,000 in 100 days (10,000 murdered every day, 400 every hour, 7 every minute). They Were killed with all types of weapons but the most disturbing were the machetes. It really is beyond me how someone can slaughter another with a machete! And kill children of all ages by Slicing them open with a machete!!!


A machete victim 

People from the Hutu group in the country set out to murder all the Tutsis they could capture, irrespective of their age or sex.  Hutu civilians were forced to participate in the killings or be shot.  Most of the victims were killed in their villages or in towns, often by their neighbors and fellow villagers. Militia members typically murdered their victims by hacking them with machetes, although some army units used rifles. Victims were often found hiding in churches and school buildings, where Hutu gangs massacred them.  It is estimated that about 300,000 Tutsis survived the genocide. Thousands of widows, many of whom were subjected to rape, are now HIV-positive. There are about 400,000 orphans. I don't think anything more needs to be said if you want to know more just research it...


A couple of adults and some young children...


Just Murdered the street...

From the film 'Hotel Rwanda' Give you the idea of the machetes

There are worse photos but i wont post them..

  James Smith of Aegis Trust:"What's important to remember is that there was a genocide. There was an attempt to eliminate Tutsis — men, women, and children — and to erase any memory of their existence." This story was meant to educate People who had not heard about this before or just as a reminder of how cruel some people are... It is scary to think that this only happened 15-16 years ago...

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What the hell is wrong with the world

I know the UN did get involved i think but nothing much was done.. Its a shame i know =(.

I think it's particulary disturbing that so little (like.. nothing) was done by the developed nations to intervene in this.. The civil war in Yugoslavia got lots of attention, and UN peacekeepers were sent in to intervene in that because it was in Europe... but who cares about Africa? =/