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I have wrote on this before but apparently it was lost in the mass panic.....

The veil is an enchantment. It acts as a lense to prevent humans from seeing and entering the magical world. It has nothing to do with demons. Demons have been able to come and go in this world for ce nturies.

The whole issue about the veil dropping is because if enchantments aren't maintained they will fail. If that happens humans will see what's REALLY in the world including malevolent beings that will eat them.

That's it. If you can't handle that then step aside, let the grown ups handle it and just try not to get in the way. Simple as that.
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Umm, I always thought that the veil was less of an enchantment, more of an organic thing that came to be, like the atmosphere. I also have done a couple of experiments, and they say that it's either organic or a spell by something much more powerful than humanity. Or I could see all of humanity joining together to make the veil as to protect their descendants, but that's just conjecture.

I think most people would go insane if the veil were dropped. To many nasty things lurk there that would assume destroy you than look at you, or as you said eat you. Which ever the case maybe your dead either way.

Aye. It's simply something these kids don't understand.

wouldn't the rise of contemporary witchcraft and other spiritual practices arm people in the ability to keep the veil maintained?

It pales in comparison to old magick

well duh...but it's better than nothing.

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Erm. No.

No what

No to the whole "veil" story.

You have to elaborate else your statement is invalid

Invalid, because you say so? I could say there are no such things as unicorns without further elaboration: would that make it invalid? Of course not.
Nevertheless: this "veil" thing is nothing but the product of either creative, idle minds or of excessive superstition.
Even the idea that the "evil creatures" will start devouring humans once they see them: why do they not do so already without being seen? It would even provide for a better hunting spree, no?
It's nothing but a myth: might as well say that it is actually a giant red troll who is stopping us from "seeing the spiritual world". Noone would be able to check on that, no?
Certainly there are matters that escape the force of inquiry of the intellect, however, even the Supernatural can be known - to a certain degree - through man's intellect alone. Superstitious nonsense, however, are always beyond the use of human reason.

If they are beyond human reasoning then your confirming you wouldnt comprehend it be it real or fake. When I said invalid it was from a literary stand point. Knowing about the veil is knowing to some degree. As for hunting. You don't hunt deer by running through the woods and hoping you run into one. Nothing hunts like that.

You do not have any legitimate foundation to disprove its existence and simply because you don't believe in anything doesn't mean we shouldnt.

You do not go for a deer hunt unless you know a deer exists.

Your reasoning is that of many charlatans: "aha, it is beyond human reasoning, therefore you cannot say it is not true". Much like you cannot say that my giant red troll theory is false either: but clearly, it's nonsense.

There is no need to "disprove" its existence because normally speaking, it is up to someone making a claim to provide evidence for it in order to be taken seriously: that is the reasonable position.
The attitude you are parading for is that of ignorant gullibility.

As for me not believing in anything: do not run your mouth so much, because you are wrong. But then again, I distinguish between a belief that is reasonable and another that is purely superstitious and thus absolutely pointless.

You're like a fantasy book writer who forgot that what she is writing is indeed a fantasy and nothing more.

Your arrogance and pomp is what tells me hpw ignorant you are. YOU were the one who started talking about human comprehension. Actually its really easy to comprehend. The veil is energy that split reality into two seperate planes. Whats complicated about it? Its also a belief thats been around for quite some time and I choose to believe in it which is my right. Im not creating anything. Thats like accusing a christian for writing the bible despite there is no possible way that person could. As far as I can tell your twisting words and creating assumptions trying to distract from the holes in the logic of your argument. It may work with the kids around here but I assure you this is nothing new to me.

Since when do "arrogance" and "pomp" = "ignorance"? The former two are behavioural attitudes - at times dependent primarily on the the listener/viewer. It seems more likely that you are calling me "ignorant" because you dislike me for what I say.

"The veil is energy that split reality into two seperate planes."
Can this "energy" be measured by any chance?

"Its also a belief thats been around for quite some time and I choose to believe in it which is my right."
A civil right yes. So, in this case then, you simply take part in perpetuating an entirely baseless belief. May I ask what evidence has been offered? Or rather, what justifies faith in the people who perpetuate such idea?

" the holes in the logic of your argument. It may work with the kids around here but I assure you this is nothing new to me."
Holes in the logic of my argument? See, I somehow sincerely doubt the last quoted statement above.

Since you actually wish to give a civil debate now when I get off work in the morning I will expand on everything for you. Fair enough?

I look forward to reading about the justification for this veil idea.

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Soo the veil is basically a dimensional barrier splitting up 2 dimensions that should've been one? I mean no disrespect, I'm just curious and interested. :P

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