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I have wrote on this before but apparently it was lost in the mass panic.....

The veil is an enchantment. It acts as a lense to prevent humans from seeing and entering the magical world. It has nothing to do with demons. Demons have been able to come and go in this world for ce nturies.

The whole issue about the veil dropping is because if enchantments aren't maintained they will fail. If that happens humans will see what's REALLY in the world including malevolent beings that will eat them.

That's it. If you can't handle that then step aside, let the grown ups handle it and just try not to get in the way. Simple as that.
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Umm, I always thought that the veil was less of an enchantment, more of an organic thing that came to be, like the atmosphere. I also have done a couple of experiments, and they say that it's either organic or a spell by something much more powerful than humanity. Or I could see all of humanity joining together to make the veil as to protect their descendants, but that's just conjecture.

I think most people would go insane if the veil were dropped. To many nasty things lurk there that would assume destroy you than look at you, or as you said eat you. Which ever the case maybe your dead either way.

Aye. It's simply something these kids don't understand.

wouldn't the rise of contemporary witchcraft and other spiritual practices arm people in the ability to keep the veil maintained?

It pales in comparison to old magick

well duh...but it's better than nothing.

wait. if they DONT see them "evil spirits" or what not, they will still be eaten by them. isnt it tactically sounder to SEE your enemy? else the "evil spirits" can walk openly and remain unseen like the "predator" stealth suit. which is definitely not a good idea. I like the idea seeing the enemy when it threatens one, really. so one can fight back. you cant fight a foe you cant even see. I guess the veil is only useful to those who want to hide (and are either cowards or backstabbing bastards for not fighting openly for their goals, whatever they might be), so I say sooner the veils down, the sooner we all see the world as IT IS and can act upon truth, not "false reality" imposed by that ****. deavtivating (and demontaging) the veil mechanisms would be the safest course on the long run. so the real reality would be openly visible and we on earth could finally "evolve" according to the real nature out there, not some lies most believe to be real due to the veils interference. SEE the enemy, Kill the enemy. survive. not stumble like a fucktard through legions of unseen foes, for the 2nd option is strategically planned suicide for the sake of "sanity". and if I got the choice between being "sane but dead" or "insane but alive" I choose the insane alive any day. really.

I'm too groggy to deal with stupid right now..

was just a tactical options review of a possible scenario. I dont say there are evil spirits; but if, ignoring them is foolish. as is ignoring for that matter any danger that might exist.

and.. seeing the world as it realy is is NEVER stupid. its actually the only way not to be stupid.

Very simple veil is there for a reason. Protects humans, protects magical sentients. Not cowardly. It brings peace.

peace is for the weak. it prevents predators from reaching their prey properly. so its better off then on if you ask me. hehe.

Not really. It simply makes my job more difficult. Do you want to see children die? Good people suffer? Because that is what you are saying out of sheer ignorance. Laws of nature. You let predators over hunt and it throws natural order out of balance. These aren't just predators. They don't hunt for food but to destroy.

yeah, dead humans of any age class are a good thing. the more the better. I would do exactly the same thing to mankind if I just could. end of case that. (and they will end themself anyway, so why not have fun along the way and help them die out?)

and I mean ALL humans. nonwithstanding their race, nationality, religion or colour.

Because you are human retard. Your not a god and its not for you to decide who lives and dies.

you are human too. not a ****** angel. cuz angels are inventions of mankind. so you dont have any rights to judge anything either.

Never claimed to be an angel. People see the name and assume. Its simply a name.

good. at least one sign of sanity in this whackoward of a site.. or planet.

Angel incarnates are not real because what separated angels from humans is they lacked a soul. Ergo not possible.

agreed that. no angels.

but then. you dont have duty for anything. cuz.. technically as human, you got free will, at least thats part of the package deal as far as I got the "human package" thing.

Yes and no. No I do not claim to be human. I am something else. Simply nothing so fanciful as 'angels' or 'werewolves' or any of that. Its complicated. Honestly its not something I feel inclined to share because it is simply no ones business. Its tied to the veil. Basically though my kin are like the guard dogs of man. Do I like it? No. But unlike most I actually have a sense of duty and I do answer to a higher power and not simply my own desires.

as crowley that old warlock said... do as you will. its all we can do.

Crowley was a psychotic druggy that formed a cult.

yeah. but that one phrase was right. cuz without that logic, all are just slaves. and life as slave is not life. better never born then being slaves.

Not slaves. Its all a matter of perspective. My deity does not require me to do anything I would not do on my own. I live a good karmic life. Yes my kin exists to serve, but the rewards are worth the sacrifice. In the life not the afterlife since we reincarnate and I knew that would have been your initial thought.

thats practically why I despise mankind and "god" as they call that tyrant invention. it only wants "serve us/him" or else. and I dont like that kinda treatment. if I get boons and powers, I can "work" for someone akin a mercenary. but im never "property" or a tool for anyone like some ****** up golem would be.

but that would mean boons and powers NOW, in this life, not like upgraded after death (even if its reincarnation).

actually, your boss inst like.. you know.. the tall man... koschtshei the deathless... oberon, lord of the elves.. takkenmann; or something like a "fay" creature? cuz the veil and watchdog thing does sound damn like that. in that case you would kinda aplly the "fay" heritage, which isnt logical cuz fay actualy DO tend to have active "magick" powers and are deemed immortal except when killed. but I never heard of reincarnated fay either, not even in legend (if you ignore the "cauldron of immortality" which revived fallen thuata de danaan in the war vs the fomorians in celtic myth).

I had a choice and I chose o serve. Slaves do not and I definitely do not work for christian god.

Do you have a faster method of communcation?

faster then talking? nope, lucky me im no telepath. I would go nuts if I were. I happy not having other peoples thoughts anywhere near me.

I meant yahoo, skype, etc. That way o don't have to keep refreshing.

I dont trust them others much. filters and all. dislike is a too small word for them. this here seems less troublesome. or im just lazy. who knows, who knows.

Fine. The concept of immortality is not one of the physical form but that of the soul. Hence the phrase 'immortal soul'. Fae are indeed immortal but not in a physical sense. They retain memories and ability. Yes I am fae in those aspect. Yes I can do things. Not so elaborate as turning people into frogs or start fires with my mind. Fae and in a sense beings made by other divinity. Given humans are for 'god' or at least that's the theory. Personally I believe in evolution to a point. Selene is the creator of my kin and we are indeed documented in history though I won't say where. I like to keep us as private as possible to limit the amount of children ruining our type.

I understand that very well. speaking it too open might be bad thing. considering it muigth result in hordes of idiots claiming to be fay for rp. like they did with vamps and weres in the past; yet I would like to know if the "tall man" also known as takkenmann in nederlande, is one of your... kind. its said its a fay, and ancient as far I researched it. I know the fay isle is avalon/buyan.

and selene.. is practically "luna" and also connected to artemis/diana, even possibly hekate in myth. some say even lillith. so... if shes a divinity she would be able to enforce a werewolf shift even upon a washed out blood line... or a purebreed human, if that worst case scenario would apply.

Ours does not work in such a way and while yes she is luna she predates all of them except maybe hekate. Who is a seperate deity all together. They each hold a diff time of the lunar phases. Lillith has no ties to selene whatsoever. What we are is not determined by bloodline. Being wolfkin is the only similarity we have with werewolves. Everything else about us is completely diff from them.

so no way to force a shift? too bad. another track cold out then.

I wondr if youre related to the thuata de danaan of old celtic "otherworld" myth. just random. they were the only elf kind ever to be reportedly interact openly with humans as they fought the fomorians.

well too bad. voodoo faiuled, witchcraft failed. fae powers would fail too. I guess im doomed to die in a human body. **** life.

Eh we shift but we don't. Its complicated to explain. We cannot turn people anyway. Its a birthright.

so you dont. if phys isnt involved, then dont is the answer. why do I even try. well im obsessive and probably insane.

Lol you don't get it. Do we have a physical wolf form? Yes. Do we shift from human to wolf, yes and no. Like I said its complicated. We do not mental shift because we are already wolf. There is nothing to shift to or from. We are not therians because we only have one soul. We simply are.

but if I would be anything, or for that reason, if ANYONE was something non human (animalistic in this cases) then the actual physical shift would be the proof one isnt a nutcase. cuz without it, the whole "being" something (as in I AM MY BODY logic) is based on being/becoming ones more "primitive" animalistic phys. for really. a were beast (or any other "monster powered creature/alien") is primary a physical force with claws, fangs and frenzied insticts that drive it to hunt the weak (because the weak are easy prey, and any predator likes the easy kill because its energy convenient not to have much fuss. you dont want fuss when you eat a sausage or fruit. you want nutrients then).

and if the "human shape" is a mere illusion due to the veil or whatnots that would mean a real werewolf or whatever would KEEP its super strength and claws and could actually kill with those natural powers, even if they are "invisible/hidden". which means that the actual shift doesnt happen. only the veil breaks appart when one shifts and shows the real emnergy matrix "below the illlusion shell".

Good job. Second comment you hit the nail. Even so though in the case of a werewolf. The strength doesn't change. Its not lile fat miraculously turns to muscle then back to fat. Fat human-fat werewolf. Also unlike fae werewolves have a very limited capacity for magick.

still the absense of the ability to USE fangs and claws as such even "hidden" or run quick on 4 legs, like the canine means... actually, IF the animal type is 4 legged stance, then the being WOULD NOT be able to effectively WALK UPRIGHT and grip things and mask as a human being. because then theyr "body" IS a animal phenotype and cannot manipulate like a human, even thought the illusion shell might mimic that motion. and I wasnt refering to fat to muscle thing, I was refering to the true shape abilities in general terms. so if one HAS the stretght say randomly, of a grizzly, like a were bear template, which also includes horridly powerful jaws and claws.. those things should be tere effectively. does make the actual "being one" in disguise shell rather unlikely. the only phenotype that MIGHT be able to halfway mask as a human being in this case woudl be a human sized rat were, which possesses hands and can walk on back legs if neccesary.

and.. ok assuming that being real, how does one "break the personal veil" enough to take back its original shape?

and im halfway sure im almost "magick immune" like grounded out like almost totally. nothing I tried of magick of any kind did even show the slightest effect. I might be just inept. or well. or perhaps a grounded werewolf (or whatever, im really not sure WHAT I might be, latently, but taking into account I actually almost bit peoples throats out from school time up on reflex shows im not really a human full breed. prolly some miscreant halfbreed monster in the bloodline, so washed out it wont surface ever again.) or insane.

and fun fact, its full moon according to the weather web thingiy and Im not the least wanting to go out, cuz that moonlight wouldnt do **** to what I seek. else it would have done so many years ago, which it didnt. so probably not wolf, anyway.

We should really be discussing this privately

agreed to that. war clears the rusty **** out and leaves only the real good stuff. so its a natural mechanism of removing garbage.

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Erm. No.

No what

No to the whole "veil" story.

You have to elaborate else your statement is invalid

Invalid, because you say so? I could say there are no such things as unicorns without further elaboration: would that make it invalid? Of course not.
Nevertheless: this "veil" thing is nothing but the product of either creative, idle minds or of excessive superstition.
Even the idea that the "evil creatures" will start devouring humans once they see them: why do they not do so already without being seen? It would even provide for a better hunting spree, no?
It's nothing but a myth: might as well say that it is actually a giant red troll who is stopping us from "seeing the spiritual world". Noone would be able to check on that, no?
Certainly there are matters that escape the force of inquiry of the intellect, however, even the Supernatural can be known - to a certain degree - through man's intellect alone. Superstitious nonsense, however, are always beyond the use of human reason.

If they are beyond human reasoning then your confirming you wouldnt comprehend it be it real or fake. When I said invalid it was from a literary stand point. Knowing about the veil is knowing to some degree. As for hunting. You don't hunt deer by running through the woods and hoping you run into one. Nothing hunts like that.

You do not have any legitimate foundation to disprove its existence and simply because you don't believe in anything doesn't mean we shouldnt.

You do not go for a deer hunt unless you know a deer exists.

Your reasoning is that of many charlatans: "aha, it is beyond human reasoning, therefore you cannot say it is not true". Much like you cannot say that my giant red troll theory is false either: but clearly, it's nonsense.

There is no need to "disprove" its existence because normally speaking, it is up to someone making a claim to provide evidence for it in order to be taken seriously: that is the reasonable position.
The attitude you are parading for is that of ignorant gullibility.

As for me not believing in anything: do not run your mouth so much, because you are wrong. But then again, I distinguish between a belief that is reasonable and another that is purely superstitious and thus absolutely pointless.

You're like a fantasy book writer who forgot that what she is writing is indeed a fantasy and nothing more.

Your arrogance and pomp is what tells me hpw ignorant you are. YOU were the one who started talking about human comprehension. Actually its really easy to comprehend. The veil is energy that split reality into two seperate planes. Whats complicated about it? Its also a belief thats been around for quite some time and I choose to believe in it which is my right. Im not creating anything. Thats like accusing a christian for writing the bible despite there is no possible way that person could. As far as I can tell your twisting words and creating assumptions trying to distract from the holes in the logic of your argument. It may work with the kids around here but I assure you this is nothing new to me.

Since when do "arrogance" and "pomp" = "ignorance"? The former two are behavioural attitudes - at times dependent primarily on the the listener/viewer. It seems more likely that you are calling me "ignorant" because you dislike me for what I say.

"The veil is energy that split reality into two seperate planes."
Can this "energy" be measured by any chance?

"Its also a belief thats been around for quite some time and I choose to believe in it which is my right."
A civil right yes. So, in this case then, you simply take part in perpetuating an entirely baseless belief. May I ask what evidence has been offered? Or rather, what justifies faith in the people who perpetuate such idea?

" the holes in the logic of your argument. It may work with the kids around here but I assure you this is nothing new to me."
Holes in the logic of my argument? See, I somehow sincerely doubt the last quoted statement above.

Since you actually wish to give a civil debate now when I get off work in the morning I will expand on everything for you. Fair enough?

I look forward to reading about the justification for this veil idea.

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Soo the veil is basically a dimensional barrier splitting up 2 dimensions that should've been one? I mean no disrespect, I'm just curious and interested. :P

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