Juliana Wetmore

A young girl born with Treacher Collns Syndrome, Juliana Wetmore has often been called 'The Girl Without A Face.' Though I call her and others like her 'The Children That Can Make A Difference.' These children have been called ugly and horrid. People have made comments like 'these people should not be alive', or 'their parents should have just killed them off, like had an abortion.' Everyone has the right to live, everyone has a beating heart. I saw a girl that had Treacher Collins in my supermarket, and I gave her the last candy bar left that I had wanted, all she did was smile. It wasn't much, but I liked it. http://www.julianawetmore.net/pictures.php

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2 Responses Aug 24, 2009

My grandson was born with Treacher Collins. His difficulties involve a narrow airway and esophagus so he has a trach and feeding tube. He is 7 months old. It breaks my heart but I am learning to deal with it better. I feel for my son & daughter in law and am concerned for them as this has placed tremendous stress on them. Other than the trach and feeding tube, he is a happy normal baby. We are hopeful that things improve as he ages. Our lives have changed so much.

i am doing a science project about this disease its really depressing that people dont know what is going on with her how sad she is honestly this is really sad :( the world needs more people like you