Let's See How I Go...

Alabama - Montgomery

Alaska - Juneau

Arizona - Phoenix

Arkansas - Little Rock

California - Sacramento

Colorado - Denver

Connecticut - Hartford

Delaware - Dover

Florida - Tallahassee

Georgia - Atlanta ........................ Hopefully not Atlantis, the Lost City of...

Hawaii - Honolulu

Idaho - Boise

Illinois - Springfield

Indiana - Indianapolis

Iowa - Des Moines

Kansas - Topeka

Kentucky - Frankfort

Louisiana - Baton Rouge

Maine - Augusta

Maryland - Annapolis

Masachusets - Boston .......................... Meh, I can't spell. How many repeated letters do you want, anyway?

Michigin - Lansing

Minnisota - St. Paul

Missisippi - Jackson

Misouri - Jefferson City

Montana - Helena

Nebraska - Lincoln

Nevada - Carson City

New Hampshire - Concord

New Jersey - Trenton

New Mexico -  Santa Fe

New York - Albany

North Carolina - Raleigh

North Dakota - Bismarck

Ohio - Columbus

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

Oregon - Salem

Pennsylvania - Harrisburg

Rhode Island - Providence

South Carolina - Columbia

South Dakota - Pierre

Tennasse - Nashville

Texas - Austin

Utah - Salt Lake City

Vermont - Montpelier

Virginia - Richmond

Washington - Olympia

West Virginia - Charleston .............. I always forget this one, other than that it starts with a C. I was lucky to get it this time because I'd just revised it

Wisconsin - Madison

Wyoming - Cheyenne

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Yeah, I know I had a spree of spelling problems, lots of them all in a row lol. I had to practise spelling the capitals cause of the online test I was doing but never had to do the states. :P<br />
<br />
Aw, thanks guys :) Once I've got the spelling, the trick will be still remembering them a few weeks from now.

We'll fix your spelling...<br />
<br />
But apart from that, you did so well and I'm SO PROUD of you!!!!! :D