Victorian England

Pressed for time so I only have time for one fun fact about Victorian age life but trust me there are so many examples in history about English Manner and customs. Such a hilarious people.
Women's Hysteria and Miracles of Medicine

Victorian England was a different time let's say...Women's Hysteria was a medical condition that was treated by having a doctor ********** them...
Now consider that a moment...
I hope it was at least administered by the resident Dr. Sexy...

It involved a Certified and well trained profesional (Who actually learned this **** in a class the lucky bastard) who took off the patients gown and rubbed their private parts until an ****** was achieved...

But there were problems...
The doctor's began experiencing wrist cramps, boredom and the patients in this time would lay against the doctors arms and drool on them unpleasantly.
(I think that meant he was doing it right but I'm no doctor so...)
And so George Taylor invented the very first vibrator. It was of course steam powered.... it did not catch on as it most likely because it ******* burned...

But in 1880 J. Granville Created the Electrochemical Design.
Housewives went mad for them.
Good Housekeeping magazine even started running monthly reviews on these delights of modern medicine!
But eventually men caught on and began realizing these were not interesting wives out of good health but of what my family called 'The Need' (My family has a stereotype that all women are horny little trollips. Gotta love family.)
And men quickly put a stop to that foolishness.
That probably ended up being the straw that broke the camels back since feminism happened just after that...
It also proves how dumb husbands were back then.
If I was alive at the time that doo-hickey would have wound up in
'daddy's lockbox'. If you wan't a treatment you gotta come to daddy.

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Jan 11, 2013