A Tale of Two Kitties

Growing up, I had a cat named Spliff.  His nemesis was Oliver, the cat across the street.  Both of the cats were male, and incredibly large.  Spliff was a long-haired tabby and Oliver was a short-haired black and white thing.  The two of them would fight almost everyday and we were sure that they hated each other.  To be fair, Spliff was always the aggravator.  Oliver's owner once told us that Spliff would come in through their cat-flap and eat all of Oliver's food while he wasn't looking.  For a long time, we seemed to be constantly running out into the street to break them up when we heard them yowling.


Then, Spliff was hit by a car and sadly died.  The first day after he died, I noticed Oliver sitting on the porch of our house.  Whenever anyone opened the door, he would look past them as though he was waiting for Spliff.  Sometimes, he'd try to push past us to go into the house.  It was really heart-breaking to see.  I'm sure that Oliver did not realize that Spliff was dead.  He was waiting for him to come out to play.  We had thought for years that the two cats hated each other, and now we finally came to realize that they were actually friends.  Now that Spliff was gone, Oliver was lonely.


Oliver sat on our porch for the best part of two months, come rain or shine.  He only gave up his vigil when we finally got another cat.


I think that people who believe that animals have no feelings just haven't spent enough time with animals.  I've had lots of pets over the years, and have found that everything I've kept - even fish and insects - seems to have some degree of emotional attachment to others.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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When I was 18 I bought this book,page after page it only confirmed what I have always known:


that's sad :( did oliver become friends with the new cat?

Aww yea, I hope so too :)

Yeah, it was really heart-breaking. Oliver has since also passed away so I like to think that he's now playing with Spliff over the Rainbow Bridge.

Aww what a sad story - you cant help but feel sorry for Oliver searching for his missing friend.