Animals Have Feelings Just Like Humans

Anyone who has had a pet knows that animals have feelings.  They are happy to see you and sad to see you go.  They are frightened by things, excited by things.  The most telling story I ever heard describing the feelings of animals was about the rescue dogs who looked for survivors after the Oklahoma City Bombings.  After a few days when they didn't find live people anymore, the dogs got depressed.  Their handlers had a hard time getting them to keep searching because they were so depressed from finding nothing but dead bodies.  Many of the rescue dogs were retired after that.  It was just too stressful for them.   So anyone who tells me that animals don't have feelings needs to hear that story.  They feel love, they feel pain;  it is part of the living condition, not just the human condition.

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4 Responses May 30, 2009

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I had the world's smartest guinea pig who insisted he was the boss in the house! He understood what I was saying when he had to get back in his cage (I couldn't put him in -- he had to climb in himself or he couldn't be caught!) He used to love a certain commercial, too--he'd giggle the whole time it was on! No one can tell me that animals don't have feelings and don't think!

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've had cats, dogs, chickens, geese, and other assorted critters, all of which demonstrated to one degree or another that they have feelings (except for a tarantula whose only feeling seemed to be hunger). The example that stands out to me is a pair of geese that I raised from tiny goslings. I "imprinted" on them as their mommy so to speak and kept them in my spare room until they were feathered out & ready to move outside (they even napped with me on the couch at times). They were just like human children! They needed a lot of care and attention, had moods, gave & recieved affection, and were very curious about the world around them. When I came home on my lunch breaks to check on all of my critters the baby geese would come a runnin' when they heard me pull into the gravel drive just like children shouting Daddy's home! Then they'd both vie for my attention which I gladly shared between them. I sure miss those little guys!